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Created by legislation in 2010 the Commission to End Hunger was appointed by Governor Pat Quinn with the mission of developing a two-year plan to end hunger in Illinois. The purpose of the Commission to End Hunger is to develop an action plan every 2 years, review the progress of this plan, and ensure cross-collaboration among government entities and community partners toward the goal of ending hunger in Illinois.

The Commission is comprised of legislators and community leaders who have committed themselves to developing this action plan. To approach this task the Commission convened its first meeting in May of 2011 and divided into three working groups in order to best address the complex issues facing those who struggle with hunger. The working groups are: No Kid Hungry (formerly Children and Families at Risk), Emergency Food System (formerly Underserved Populations) and Benefits Access (formerly Vulnerable Adults).

The Commission will present its reports and updates on progress to the Governor and General Assembly annually. The first report was released on March 14, 2012. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

2013 Commission Report
2014 Commission Report

As the Commission continues its work updates will be posted regularly. Be sure to visit the Events page to learn how you can become involved.


To develop an aggressive and achievable two-year action plan to measurably reduce hunger in Illinois.

Appointed Commissioners

Mary Ellen Abbott, Illinois Hunger Coalition

Patricia Bellock, State Representative 

Leah Bradford, Kraft Foods

Betsey Creamer, Illinois Department on Aging

John Cheney Egan, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Janice Glenn, Office of Governor Bruce Rauner (co-chair)

Esperanza Velasquez Gonzalez, Illinois Migrant Council

Marla Goodwin, Jeremiah’s Food Pantry

Angel Gutierrez, Catholic Charities

Mark Haller, Illinois State Board of Education

Don Harmon, State Senator 

Elizabeth Hernandez, State Representative 

Michael Holmes, African-American Family Commission

Mark Ishaug, Thresholds

Ahlam Jbara, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Barbara Karacic, Beacon Place Inc.

Karen Lehman, Fresh Taste

Dan Lesser, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

Janine Lewis, EverThrive Illinois

Kerry Lofton, Illinois Department of Agriculture

Kate Maehr, Greater Chicago Food Depository (co-chair)

Amy Rynell, Heartland Alliance

Layla Suleiman-Gonzalez, Illinois Latino Family Commission

Gary Tomlin, Knox County

Updated, May 2015