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  3. Sustainable Schools Symposium Presentations 2011

Sustainable Schools Symposium Presentations 2011 


Environmental Action Activities

Lindsey Arenberg, Fresh from the Farm: Planting Seeds for Future Generations

Rebecca Moss, Forest Preserve District of Cook County: A 68,000 Acre Classroom, Laboratory, and Living Library at Your Feet

Jen Cullerton Johnson, Green Sparks: Fueling the Conversations Between Young People & Books @ the Environment

Going Green Saves Your School District Green: Funding Sources for Administrators

Mike Stanch, SEDAC and Application Assistance Programs from Illinois Energy Office

Ed Choklek, Utility Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Agnes Mrozowski, State of Illinois Energy Office Programs

Gabriela Martin, ICECF Funding Opportunities for Sustainable Schools

Greening Schools (LEED Credit)

Deeta Bernstein, Helen Kessler, Ken Schroeder, & Suzanne Carlson

Implementing LEED in Chicago K-12 Schools

Green Leaders Make Green Schools

Pete Leki, Composting Lunchroom Waste in the CPS

Deborah Saad, Greening Burr

Kay McKeen & Erin Kennedy, Green Leaders Make Green Schools

Adam Kessel, Green Community Schools

Student Environmental Action

Paul Ritter & Students, The National Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program

Students, Steps Toward Becoming a Green School

DanaRae Marigmen, Fenwick High School Action Team

Patricia Parsons & Students, Gage Park Environmental Club

Starting a Garden in Your School

Eliza Fournier, School Gardening Basics

Jaime Zaplatosch, What School Gardens Need to be Successful

Rachel Galan & Lori Stenger-Humbles, Connecting Your School Garden to Curriculum

Illinois Sustainability Initiatives

Olivia Dorothy, Environmental Literacy for Illinois

Jolene Willis,Wind for Schools

Doug Widener, Greening Illinois' Schools: House Joint Resolution 45 Report

Greening Chicago Schools

Chelsea Richer, Safe Routes to School and Sustainable Transportation

Steve Clark, Greening Chicago Schools

Kathleen Bailey,Chicago Conservation Corps (C3) Student Club

Peter Vitale, Academy for Global Citizenship & The Net-Positive Energy Campus Project

Resources for Teachers

Kristen Pratt,Supporting Community-led Conservation Efforts

Jackie Perrin, Kids Changing the World One Bulb at a Time

Jen Nelson & Ana Garcia Doyle, A Zero Waste Journey: Funding Sources

Sophie Ostlund & Leah Qusba, The Alliance for Climate Education Experience

Food Waste Composting (Vermi & Outdoor)

Nancy Kreith

Technical Training

Holly Thompson, Sustainable & Non Toxic Pest Control and Turf Maintenance

Bill Iacullo & Denis Lechowicz, Energy Efficient Building Operation

Steve Ashkin, Green Cleaning Made Easy