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  3. 2011 Sustainable Universities & Colleges Symposium Presentations

2011 Sustainable Universities & Colleges Symposium Presentations 


Panel Session I

Technical Assistance for Campus Sustainability Planning

Gary Miller, University of Illinois (facilitator), and Kevin Greene, Illinois EPA, Information and Technical Resources for Campus Sustainability Programs

Bert Jacobson, Kankakee Community College, Regionally Organizing for Sustainability

Morgan Johnston, University of Illinois, The Illinois Climate Action Plan and Sustainability, Going Green Saves Your School District Green: Funding Sources for Administrators

Implementing Geothermal on Your Campus

Geothermal 202: Geo on Campus

  • John Freitag and representatives from the Geothermal Alliance of IllinoisGreen Leaders Make Green Schools (No presentation listed)

Food for Thought: Local Foods Panel

The Role of College - Community Partnerships in Building Economic Resilience through a Community-Based Food System (No digital presentation)

  • Mary Beth Trakinat, Heartland Community College (facilitator)
  • Elaine Sebald, Bloomington Farmers’ Market
  • Arlene Hosea, Illinois State University
  • Tim Lindsay, University of Illinois
  • Rick Glass, marcfirst of Illinois

Green Relations: Town/Gown Sustainability Partnerships

Angela Adams, City of Champaign, Multifamily and Campus Cardboard Recycling in the City of Champaign (No presentation provided)

Missy Nergard (facilitator) and Mike O’Grady, Illinois State University, Community Food Waste Composting; A Town-Gown Partnership

Successful Sustainability Outreach Efforts by Community Colleges

  • Julie Bates, Lincoln Land Community College
  • Pat Dieckhoff, McHenry County College
  • Rich Schultz, Kankakee Community College

Green Business Panel

Green Practices, Green Business: Benefits and Applications for Commercial Sustainability

  • Cassandra Carroll and Anthony Santarelli, Illinois GBA
  • Don Schlorff, Busey
  • Carol Timms, Educational Dividends

Panel Session II

From the Ground Up: Landscaping, Gardening & Tree Programs

Sustaining Employment: Workforce Development & Training

John Freitag, Geothermal Alliance of Illinois, Training the best possible Geothermal workforce

Ken Kunz, Waubonsee Community College, Automotive Recycling - Green Jobs (Video not uploaded)

David R. Inman, Wilbur Wright College, Bringing College Energy Efficiency Courses to Underserved Populations

Juliana Goodlaw-Morris, Greenforce Initiative, The Role of Higher Education in Transitioning to a Cleaner Economy (facilitator)

Green Dollars: Energy Efficiency Funding Opportunities

Mike Stanch, 360 Energy Group, Innovative Ways to Access IL Incentives

Agnes Mrozowski, Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, Illinois Energy Now - Grants and Rebates for Energy Efficiency in the Public Sector

Doc Kotecki, Energy Systems, Paid-From-Savings Guide to Green Existing Buildings (facilitator)

Energy Exploration: Sustainable Research and Energy Plant

Ryan Siegel, Eastern Illinois University, Green EIU

Huajun Yuan, University of Illinois at Chicago, Energy Harvesting from Treated Waste Water using Geothermal Heat Pumps

Fred Iutzi, Western Illinois University, Biomass Energy: Sustainability, Teaching, and Public Service Opportunities for Universities and Colleges

Maram Kittaneh, Illinois Institute of Technology, Accelerating Change through Comprehensive Energy Planning (facilitator)

Student (as) Teacher: Students Panel

Ryan Wolber, Illinois State University, Structuring Sustainability Funding Opportunities

Megan Pulliam, Southern Illinois University, Project Eco-Dawgs: An Integrated Approach to Environmental & Climate Impacts

Lauren Smith, University of Illinois at Chicago, Green Offices: Engaging with Sustainability at UIC

Marian Vernon, DePaul University (facilitator)

"Green Bag" Break Out Sessions:

(No presentations provided due to technological limitations)

Bike Share Roundtable

Katie Anson, Kevin Applewhite, and Colleen Lanier Christensen, University of Chicago, Creating and Sustaining a Campus Bike Share Program

Sustainability Curriculum

Kevin Adkins, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Connecting Campus & Community: The Nature Preserve at SIUE (facilitator)

Cynthia Klein-Banai, Jonathan Tomkin, and Tim Gilles, University of Illinois, Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation. An Open Source Textbook for Illinois

Nate Keener, Lewis & Clark Community College, Illinois Riverwatch Workshop

Campus Climate Challenge 2.0: Making Campus Sustainability a Reality

Juliana Goodlaw-Morris, Greenforce Initiative

Implementing the Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact

Gary Miller, University of Illinois and Kevin Greene, Illinois EPA, Information and Technical Resources for Campus Sustainability Programs

GGCC University Legislative Policy Group

Gordon Rands, Western Illinois University, and Bert Jacobson, Kankakee Community College

Implementing Energy Reduction Strategies

Brad McCormick (facilitator) and Tim Gibson, John A. Logan College, A Case Study in Implementing Energy Reduction Strategies at Community Colleges

Sam Yoder, University of Illinois at Chicago, Quantifying Energy Conservation Possibilities within Campus Buildings

Marian Vernon, Alex Moree and Cecelia Jacobson, DePaul University, Student-Lead Sustainability Initiatives at DePaul University

DCEO Recycling Panel: College Assistance & Food Scrap Composting

David E. Smith, Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity

  • Illinois College Assistance Program (I-CAP) for Recycling
  • Illinois Food Scrap Composting Revitalization & Advancement Program