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Fathers are Important

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"My dad is special because he plays lots of games with me and he is my best friend. He watches me play video games and watches TV with me." Anthony, Age 8

"My Daddy is very special to me because he is my father and I only have one father and I love my father and he means something very special to me." Adam, Age 7

"He will never let me down and will raise me right and help me have a good lovely life and keep me out of trouble." Michael, Age 8

"Sometimes when I spend the night with my dad on the weekends, he takes us out and lets us pick what we want to do. I love my father. If you were me, you could love him too. "Corina, Age 8

"I love my dad because he’s silly and nice." Blake, Age 7

"My Dad comes over every Sunday, and we have the best time ever!" Gabriela, Age 9

Ten Reasons To Be A Good Father

10. So your kids stay in school

      Children with fathers in their lives are

      more likely to graduate


9.   So your kids won't abuse drugs and


      Children need fathers to teach them

      about the harm drugs and alcohol can do


8.   So your kids wait to have sex

      Fathers are role models for healthy



7.   So your kids eat right

      Children's fathers can teach them about

      healthy foods


6.   So your kids get exercise

      Fathers can help their kids be active


5.   So your kids learn about their families

      Only you can pass down the traditions of

      your family to your kids so they feel

      welcomed and loved


4.   So your kids can be good parents

      Children who have good relationships

      with their fathers grow up to have good

      relationships with their own children


3.   So your kids will stay out of jail

      Children who have strong father figures

      are less likely to get involved in gangs

      and criminal behavior


2.   So your kids know you

      Every kid wants a father


1.   So your kids know they are loved

Fun things To Do With Your Kids

1.  Talk about school

2.  Go to the zoo

3.  Ask what they want to do

4.  Build a model

5.  Go to the library

6.  Wash the car

7.  Draw your dream house

8.  Look at a magazine together

9.  Talk about the future

10.0.  Tell a favorite story from your school days

11.  Tell a joke

12.  Request your child's favorite song on the radio

13.  Go to the park

14.  Clean the house

15.  Look at pictures

16.  Talk about your child's friends

17.  Play games

18.  Get up early to watch the sunrise

19.  Walk through the park

20.  Ride the bus to a new part of town

21.  Read the newspaper

22.  Help with homework

23.  Cook dinner

24.  Plant flowers

25.  Stargaze

26.  Plan a party

27.  Rake leaves and jump in them

28.  Go swimming

29.  Play pirates

30.  Have tea party

31.  Teach your child to dance


For more information about paternity establishment and other support services in Illinois, parents can call the Child Support Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-447-4278 or write the nearest regional Illinois child support office for the county in which they live. Persons using a teletypewriter (TTY) can call toll free at 1-800-526-5812.


Aurora Region

280 E. Indian Trail

Aurora, IL  60505-1733


Belleville Region

1803 Ramada Boulevard, Suite B204

Collinsville, IL  62234


Champaign Region

313 N. Mattis, Suite 218

Champaign, IL  61821


Cook County Central Field Operations

Division of Child Support Services

P.O. Box 64629, Chicago, IL 60664-0629


Cook County Southern Field Operations

Division of Child Support Services

P.O. Box 64720, Chicago, IL 60664-0720


Joliet Region

16 West Cass St, 4th Fl.

Joliet, IL 60432


Marion Region

3419 Professional Park Drive

Marion, IL  62959


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401 Main Street, Suite 680

Peoria, IL 61602


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Rockford, IL  61107


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