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Clean Slate Program - A Child Support Debt Reduction Program

Would you like to have the PAST DUE child support debt owed to the State of Illinois permanently removed from your records?

The Clean Slate program is offered by Healthcare and Family Services, Division of Child Support Services.  The program allows for permanent removal of past due child support debt owed to the State of Illinois in exchange for regular ordered payments of support -


To apply, you must complete an application and provide proof that you could not make your child support

payments during the assistance period because:

  1. You were unemployed, or

  2. You were incarcerated, or

  3. You had a serious illness which prevented you from paying your child support.

You must also provide proof of your current income or ability to pay.

If you qualify, you MUST make your regular ordered child support payments for six months.  Once all of your support payments are made, ​the child support debt owed to the State of Illinois will be permanently removed.

However, any past due child support owed to the custodial parent is still owed and must be paid to the custodial parent.

What kind of proof do i need?

We must have written proof such as, but not limited to:

  1. A letter from your former employer stating when your employment ended due to layoff, factory closing, etc.,

  2. Prison discharge or parole papers,

  3. Proof of disability or a doctor's statement,

  4. A statement of earnings from the Social Security Administration.

How much of my debt will be removed?

If you successfully complete the program, all past due child support owed to the State of Illinois will be removed.

What happens if I lose my job?

You may request a suspension of the payment agreement that can last 12 months.  Suspensions are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Can I qualify if I'm not working?

You must prove you have the ability to pay.

What is child support debt owed to the state?

Child support debt owed to the state refers to reimbursement for assistance paid by the State of Illinois.

For a Clean Slate program application or more information you may call 1-800-447-4278, go to the Parents page at and click on Clean Slate, or by scanning the QR code below.


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