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Resuming Medicaid Renewals 

Starting May 2023, we must ask Medicaid customers in Illinois to renew their healthcare coverage. People who use Medicaid have had continuous coverage since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but Congress has ended the pause on annual eligibility verifications, known as redeterminations, or simply, renewals.

Unwinding the Public Health Emergency 

In addition, the federal government has set an end to other pandemic-related Medicaid changes put in place during the federal public health emergency. More details are in the Unwinding Operational Plan in the sidebar. 


Please take advantage of the following resources:  

For Medicaid Customers

Click Manage My Case at to:

  • Verify your address (under 'Contact Us')
  • Find your renewal due date (under 'Benefit Details')
  • Complete your renewal when you are due



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