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Medical Card Customer Brochure 


Using your Medical Card


You are receiving a State of Illinois Medical Card.

What is the Medical Card?

The Medical Card is issued once to people who are enrolled for medical benefits. Show the paper card whenever you have a healthcare appointment.

How do I use my Medical Card?

What happens if I forget to take the card to my appointment?

If you forget your Medical Card, you can still receive healthcare services. Give your Medical Card number or any two of the following to your provider.

To check your eligibility using the 24 hour automated system, call 1-855-828-4995

What if I am in a managed care plan?

You will receive a new Medical Card and may receive a separate card from your health plan.

What do I do if my Medical Card is lost or stolen?

Important Reminder

Be sure to keep your caseworker up to date about any changes, such as address or current phone number. It is important that your caseworker and your healthcare provider have the most current information.

Front of Medical Card

The Medical Card contains the name; the Medical Card ID number and the date of birth for each who is enrolled. Always keep this card in a safe place and never allow someone else to use the card.

Back of Medical Card

Using the 855 number on the back of your Medical Card