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One point four million people in Illinois who really want to work, can't.

Financially, it doesn't make since for them.

You see if they were employed, they would lose Medicaid health coverage, and private insurance is almost impossible to get.

This is the reality for people with disabilities.

Take Joe and Seth, two brothers who work despite having had lifelong disabilities.

They need several daily medications.

When the price of their prescriptions rose, they came close to losing their home.

Thank goodness there is a state healthcare program for them.

Now Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities covers all of Joe and Seth's medications, and other healthcare too.

If this sounds like someone you know, HBWD can help.

Call eight-hundred, two-two-six, zero-seven-sixty-eight, or visit learn more about health insurance for working individuals with disabilities.

Move beyond your disability and take control.

Call eight-hundred, two-two-six, zero-seven-sixty-eight, or visit today.



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