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Transition Coordinator

What is a Transition Coordinator?

Trained transition coordinators, affiliated with agencies contracted to the state of Illinois, play a vital role in the success of this program--one participant at a time. Pathways transition coordinators assist individuals with choices about community living, as well as inform participants about community supports and services that are appropriate and available to them.  

Transition coordinators work with interested individuals to determine program eligibility and assess their ability to live safely in the community with available supports and services. Transition coordinators provide one-on-one transition support throughout the pre-transition process and for one year after the transition. The transition coordinator works with the individual to find qualified community housing, to create an individualized service plan based on an individual's specific needs, and to assist with the move.

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing provides transition coordinator training, educational materials, and individualized case management review pre- and post-transition. The UIC College of Nursing team is responsible for quality assurance management practices and review, helping Pathways to ensure safe and appropriate transitions as well as providing transition coordinators with ongoing support and training updates.


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