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Data Releases

To increase the quality of our Care Coordination Innovations Project outcomes, HFS will be releasing data on Medicaid recipients, and providers. The purpose is to assist healthcare organizations in creating high-quality, accessible, and cost-effective healthcare programs for Medicaid recipients. Please use this page as the central resource for information on HFS data.


Please check here periodically for updates on all current and upcoming data releases.

Data Request Procedures

In order to access data, our prospective partner organizations must complete a Data Use Agreement. For most care coordination data sets, a Letter of Intent for a specific Solicitation will also be required. Following this, HFS will help partners identify populations of interest, deliver data to our partners, and provide technical assistance in accessing and analyzing the data. For more information on the data request procedures for each data set, please review these PDFs.

Data Set I

Data Set I contains data on Medicaid recipients and providers. Its use is limited to organizations that have submitted Letters of Intent for the Solicitation for Care Coordination Entities and Managed Care Community Networks for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities. Please use these documents to understand more of the data’s contents, purpose, and limitations.

Supplemental Fields for Data Set I

In order to increase the use value of Data Set I, HFS is releasing six additional data fields for use with Data Set I. We have provided these six columns of data (zipped) for the entire state of Illinois below. Additionally, an update and a brief data dictionary are posted here.

Data Set II

In order to more thoroughly answer questions on specific types of healthcare services, we will be providing claims-level data on pharmacy, emergency, long-term care, and inpatient hospital care. These tables will be released in spring and summer 2012. Please check back regularly for updates.

Data Set IIA: Pharmacy

This data is currently available to any data user that has received Data Set I. Please read the FAQ and dictionaries below.

Data Set IIB: Hospital

This data will soon be available. The eligibility criteria for data users will be posted here. Please read the FAQ and dictionaries below.

Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative Data Set

Data is available for partner organizations assessing network adequacy for the proposed Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative. This data describes providers providing services to Medicare-Medicaid dual eligible recipients residing in five distinct regions of the state, and is available to organizations who submit a request to HFS Care Coordination Innovations Project. Please see further information below.


This glossary is intended to provide more details on the Care Coordination Innovations Project, CCIP data releases, Medicaid, and the current Solicitations.

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