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Provider Notice Issued 7/24/2019

​Fiscal Year 2020 Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Assessment Programs Notice of Assessments

​To: ​Illinois Hospital Providers
​Date: ​July 24, 2019
​Re: ​Fiscal Year 2020 Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Assessment Programs Notice of Assessments


This is to inform you that the department has determined that your facility is subject to the inpatient and outpatient assessments imposed on Illinois hospital inpatient and outpatient services under the provisions of 305 ILCS 5/5-A. 

Enclosed are your facility’s inpatient and outpatient assessment remittance notices for fiscal year 2020. Please note the July 2019 assessment is due the last day of the month on July 31, 2019.  August 2019 – June 2020 due dates are the seventeenth business day of the month.    

Also enclosed are tax calculation worksheets detailing the bases for the inpatient and outpatient assessments. The remittance notice has the facility’s name and address, the tax identification number and personal identification number (PIN) assigned by the department, the total amount due, and the due date.   

Hospitals must remit the monthly assessments using the Illinois State Treasurer’s E-Pay Program. In order to use this service, your hospital will need an Internet connection, checking account information (bank routing number and account number), from which the payment will be made, and the hospital’s current remittance card. If your hospital is not familiar with the Illinois State Treasurer’s E-Pay Program, please contact the Bureau of Hospital and Provider Services at (217) 524-7110. 

In addition, each hospital is responsible for ensuring debit authorizations can be initiated from designated accounts in the appropriate dollar amount. The following are company identification numbers to be given to your banking institution, if debit block filters are used on the hospital’s account. Please use 1810599849 or 9810599849 for these transactions.

Following are instructions for remitting payment: 

  • Link:

  • Payment Category: Hospital Assessment

  • Payment Type: Hospital Assessments

  • Please enter the following information to identify the payment:                                                         

  • Account Number:  HFS ID # and PIN

  • JetPay Authorization Number:  8 digit code provided by JetPay

  • Click: Search

  • Payment amount: Enter payment amount in dollars and cents.

  • Click: Add Item and Checkout

  • Enter Billing Contact Information

  • Click: Next Step: Add Payment Method

  • Payment Method: eCheck

  • Enter payment information including bank routing number and account number.

  • Click: Next Step: Review Payment

  • Check Box: I agree to the Payment Terms of Service.

  • Click: Make Payment

Thank you for your payment notification screen may be e-mailed or printed.

If you have any questions concerning this information, please do not hesitate to contact the Bureau of Hospital and Provider Services by e-mail at, or by telephone at 217-524-7110.


Robin Holler, Chief

Bureau of Hospital and Provider Services

Fiscal Year 2020 Hospital Assessment
(Fund 346) Due Dates
July 31, 2019
August 23, 2019
September 25, 2019
October 24, 2019
November 26, 2019
December 24, 2019
January 27, 2020
February 27, 2020
March 24, 2020
April 23, 2020
May 26, 2020
June 23, 2020


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