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Provider Notice Issued 10/01/2021

Date:   October 1, 2021

To:       Enrolled Physicians; Advanced Practice Nurses: Physician Assistants; Local Health Departments; Hospitals; Federally Qualified Health Centers; Rural Health Clinics; Encounter Rate Clinics; and Pharmacies

Re:      Continuing Prior Approval Requests for Early Synagis Dosing


 This notice serves to inform providers that, due to the sustained prevalence of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), providers may continue to submit early dosing prior approval requests for Synagis (palivizumab) through October 31, 2021. This applies to customers covered under Medicaid fee-for-service or a managed care plan. Providers should contact the appropriate managed care plan for approval guidance.

For fee-for-service customers, providers must complete the Drug Authorization Request Form for Synagis and fax it to the Pharmacy Unit at 217-524-7264. Approval for the early dosing will be provided for those customers who meet the Department's Synagis Prior Approval Criteria

The typical coverage period for Synagis begins November 1, 2021. The Department will continue to monitor RSV prevalence and respond accordingly.

Questions regarding this notice may be directed to a pharmacy consultant in the Bureau of Professional and Ancillary Services at 877-782-5565, or to the appropriate managed care plan.


Kelly Cunningham, Administrator

Division of Medical Programs


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