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Provider Notice Issued 03/09/2022

Date:   March 9, 2022

To:       All Medical Assistance Program Providers

Re:      Reminder - Retroactive Provider Enrollment Date Prohibited


This notice reminds Medical Assistance Program providers that the effective date for a new provider enrollment is the submission date in the Illinois Medicaid Program Advanced Cloud Technology (IMPACT) enrollment application. HFS will not approve provider enrollments with a date retroactive to the application date.

Providers were first notified of this policy in a January 28, 2020, provider notice. This policy is in compliance with 42 CFR 455.410 Enrollment and Screening of Providers, whereby all enrolled providers must be screened prior to providing medical services to Medicaid beneficiaries. Providers cannot be reimbursed for services provided to beneficiaries prior to the effective date of their enrollment.  

Providers will receive an email generated from the IMPACT system notifying them of application approval. In addition to the email, providers will receive a Provider Information Sheet at the correspondence address provided in the IMPACT system. This information sheet is for the provider's records and should be reviewed for any discrepancies. 

Questions regarding this notice may be directed to IMPACT Provider Enrollment staff at

Kelly Cunningham, Administrator
Division of Medical Programs 


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