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Provider Notice Issued 09/16/2022

Date:     September 16, 2022                                                                             

To:      Hospitals and Long Term Care Providers - Nursing Facilities (NF), Supportive Living Program (SLP), and Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities (SMHRF)

Re:      Updates Regarding Preadmission Assessment Requirements for Long Term Care Providers


This Notice reminds Hospitals and Long Term Care (LTC) providers of the redesigned and mandatory preadmission assessment processes for long term care facilities. All of these processes are initiated in the AssessmentPro system provided by the state's vendor, Maximus.  

  • Since March 14, 2022, no individual may be admitted to a nursing facility (NF) without completion of a Preadmission Screening (part of the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review, or PASRR, program) and, if required, conclusion of a Level II Mental Health (MH) or Developmental Disability (DD) assessment. This requires submittal of a PASRR Level I screening through AssessmentPro. 
  • Since April 18, 2022, no individual may be admitted to a Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facility (SMHRF) without the completion of a SMHRF Preadmission Assessment by Maximus and evaluation for Front Door Diversion as appropriate based on the individual's preferences. This process is initiated in AssessmentPro by submitting a SMHRF referral.  
  • Since April 18, 2022, no individual may be admitted to a Supportive Living Program (SLP) setting without submitting an SLP Initial Screen in AssessmentPro and, if required, the conclusion of a comprehensive MH or DD assessment. This requires submittal of an SLP Initial Screen through AssessmentPro.


Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) has conducted extensive analysis of the redesigned systems and processes since implementation dates in Spring of 2022. Overall, provider adoption has gone well. However, certain quality issues will be addressed during the remainder of calendar year 2022:


  • Some individual users and organizations utilizing AssessmentPro to submit Level I screenings are receiving automatic approvals for their cases at a rate that is statistically improbable. Those users will be contacted for additional training and technical assistance. As a reminder, with each Level I screen submission, an attestation is required confirming information is accurate and reflective of the individual's current condition and known history. HFS will continue to monitor statewide, organizational, and individual users' rates of auto approval.  

  • The COVID-related flexibility allowing preadmission assessments up to ten days post-admission will be discontinued on November 1, 2022. Notwithstanding this flexibility, payment for services in NFs, SMHRFs, and SLPs is not allowable unless all required assessments, and subsequent determinations, are completed prior to admission. HFS will conduct a reconciliation of preadmission activities in AssessmentPro with provider admissions in the Medical Electronic Data Interchange (MEDI) system and take corrective action on admissions that do not comply with applicable policies. 

  • For persons transferring from a nursing facility to an SLP setting, nursing facility staff must complete the SLP Initial Screen in AssessmentPro and provide these results, a copy of the HFS 2536 Interagency Screening Results form, and any necessary comprehensive assessment(s) to the SLP setting.


Many options exist for organizations and individuals who wish to improve their capacity to support required preadmission processes. There is no limit to the number of individual users who may be trained and registered to use AssessmentPro, and HFS encourages organizations to add additional users. Additionally, web-based training is available at any time for new staff, to ensure that workforce turnover does not impede compliance with preadmission requirements.  

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