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Provider Notice Issued 02/28/2023

Date:   February 28, 2023

To:       All Medical Assistance Program Providers

Re:      Updates to the IM+CANS Health Risk Assessment


This notice informs providers of an update to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services' (HFS) requirements related to the service of Integrated Assessment and Treatment Planning (IATP) using the HFS-approved tool known as the Illinois Medicaid Comprehensive Assessment of Needs and Strengths (IM+CANS).

In addition to the core IM+CANS form, the IM+CANS incorporates supplementary population and health-specific information through the completion of addenda, designed to further inform the care and treatment of customers. To date, HFS guidance to providers billing IATP services has been to complete the IM+CANS Addendum 1 – Health Risk Assessment (HRA) once a year for each customer.  

As a result of recommendations made by the IM+CANS Provider Workgroup, the following changes are being made to the IM+CANS Addendum 1 – HRA, effective immediately:

1.    The completion of the IM+CANS Addendum 1 – HRA is optional for all customers.  Providers may continue to complete the HRA and bill for clinician time spent gathering information to complete the HRA; however, the completion of the HRA is not required for an IM+CANS to be considered complete.

2.    Updates to the HRA form have been adopted by HFS. The updated HRA form can be found on the HFS website here. Providers who continue to bill for time spent gathering information to complete the HRA under the service of IATP must adopt the new form by July 1, 2023.  

3.    The requirement to upload the HRA to the IM+CANS Provider Portal is suspended until further notice. HFS will notify providers via updated provider notice at least ninety (90) days prior to resuming the requirement to upload the HRA into the IM+CANS Provider Portal.

Questions regarding this notice may be directed to the Bureau of Behavioral Health at

217-557-1000 or


Kelly Cunningham, Administrator
Division of Medical Programs


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