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Read applications from the FY22 funding round.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services is in the final steps of its review process for the second round of Healthcare Transformation Collaboratives applications.  We plan to announce an initial list of approved projects by September 30, 2022.


The Healthcare Transformation Collaborative program has attracted many applications that include creative projects and we look forward to supporting several innovative approaches to eliminating health disparities and building a person-centered, holistic Medicaid delivery system that addresses community-driven health needs within the limits of the funding allocated for this purpose.


We appreciate the high level of interest in the Healthcare Transformation Collaboratives program from the broad range of Illinois’ Medicaid providers, community-based organizations, public officials, and other stakeholders.

Applications are organized by region and published as PDFs.

All applications submitted for FY2022 funding can be found below. Each application contains the following content:

1. Core Project Information (Participating Entities, Detailed Project Description, Governance Principals, Racial Equity Impact Assessment)
2. Project Rationale (Community Input, Data Support)
3. Project Impacts (Quality, Health Equity and Outcomes, Access to Care, Social Determinants of Health, Care Integration and Coordination, Minority Participation, Jobs)
4. Project Timeline (Milestones, and Key Deliverables)
5Budget (Total Amount of Funding Requested)

Thank you for your interest in projects designed to transform healthcare in communities throughout Illinois. 

Note: To change the size of documents for ease of online viewing, click the "+" or "-" button on your browser or find the "zoom" option in settings.

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