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Innovations Project, Seniors and Persons with Disabilities 

The Care Coordination Innovations Project works to form alternative models of delivering care to Medicaid clients through provider-organized networks, initially organized around the needs of our most complex clients who are Seniors and Persons with Disabilities. These provider-based networks will be organized as Care Coordination Entities (CCEs) and Managed Care Community Networks (MCCNs).  Illinois’ goal is a redesigned healthcare delivery system that is more patient-centered, with focus on improved health outcomes, enhanced patient access, and patient safety. To learn more about the requirements for organizing CCEs and MCCNs through the Care Coordination Innovations Project, read the Solicitation below.

Care Coordination Innovations Project Data Release

To increase the quality of our Care Coordination Innovations Project outcomes, HFS will be releasing data on Medicaid recipients, Medicaid providers, and their geographic distribution across the state. The purpose is to allow healthcare organizations proposing new Care Coordination Entities (CCEs) and Managed Care Community Networks (MCCNs) to create high-quality, accessible, and cost-effective healthcare programs for Medicaid recipients. Please use this page as the central resource for information on HFS data throughout the Solicitation period.

Care Coordination Innovations Project Matchmaking

The Care Coordination Matchmaker is an optional service being offered by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to help community partners find each other, build relationships, offer their services and/or help develop Care Coordination Entities. Once organizations have entered information into Matchmaking, prospective partner organizations can search for them on our Search for Partners page.

Responses to Questions Regarding the Innovations Project