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July 2012 


Greetings from HFS Director Julie Hamos

Welcome to another periodic edition of HFS e-news to keep you updated on program changes. To register for future editions, please visit HFS E-News Online Registration or download for others who might be interested by visiting:

If you are a Medicaid client, this newsletter is not the official notification of any changes that may impact you, and you do not have to respond in any way. This is general information for the public.

Thank you,

Julie Hamos

Medicaid Budget Implementation Update

The HFS Web site includes copies of the four laws that relate to the Medicaid budget crisis, as well as the notices that were sent to our clients and providers. (HFS Budget Page)  The Web site now also includes copies of the proposed administrative rules that have been filed with the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. As previously discussed, most of the Medicaid changes included in the SMART Act took effect on July 1, 2012; therefore, some of these rules were also filed as emergency rules with a July 1 effective date.

Care Coordination Update

HFS received 20 proposals, in response to the Innovations Project solicitation to provide care coordination for adults with complex health needs, from Care Coordination Entities and Managed Care Community Networks. The list of CCE/MCCN Bidders (pdf) is included on the HFS Web site. We will begin the evaluation process soon, and hope to have some care coordination projects in operation by January 2013.

HFS also received 12 proposals from nine companies in response to the Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative Proposal to serve “dual eligibles” in two major regions in the state. The list of MMAI Bidders (pdf) is included on the HFS Web site. Federal CMS has made no decisions yet on which states will be approved for this initiative, but it has decided, in consultation with states participating in the demonstration, to delay implementation in all states beyond January 1, 2013. If approved, Illinois plans to begin this initiative in April 2013, one of the earliest in the nation. The new implementation date provides additional time to allow CMS, states, and the plans to work out operational procedures and technical solutions to these unique three-way contracts. It will also allow us to engage in additional stakeholder and beneficiary outreach and provide more time for plans to contract with providers to ensure network adequacy.  

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