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Access Monitoring Review Plan

In accordance with 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 477, requires States to develop a medical assistance access monitoring review plan to evaluate enrollees’ access to certain Medicaid services. These access monitoring review plans, and all other requirements in the rule, apply to fee-for-service Medicaid rates only and does not apply to managed care payments.


Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services developed an access review monitoring plan for the following service categories:

  •  Primary care

  •  Physician specialist services (e.g., cardiology, urology, radiology)

  •  Behavioral health services

  •  Obstetrician services

  •  Home health services


The 2016 Access Review Monitoring Plan can be found below.


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Beneficiaries and Providers are encouraged to submit comments with concerns to access to care through the comments link below.  If preferred, comments concerning access to care can be made via the Provider and Beneficiary Hotline number, also listed below.


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