Network Status

Service Outages


Issue cleared and services restored at 11:30AM.


The ICN K12 Network is experiencing high latency. Network engineers are working to resolve the problem.


ICN experienced an outage at a cross-connect with Metro Communications in Champaign
today between 9:00AM and 9:45AM. This affected all sites connected behind that
device. Removing a fiber signal attenuator cleared the issue.


AT&T has a collector circuit down which serves multiple ICN customers in the Chicago area. AT&T is working to resolve the issue. All services restored by 8:00AM.

DNS services were offline causing an interruption of services this afternoon. All services have been restored.

ICN experienced an outage that impacted customers in the Chicago area between 9:22AM to 9:44AM. Services have been restored.

Springfield ICN customers may have experienced an interuption of service between 12:00PM to 1:00PM due to a power outage at our Springfield POP facility. All services have been restored.

AT&T reported that several 100G collector circuits bounced causing an interruption of service for multiple ICN connected schools and libraries. All services were restored by 8:00PM.

AT&T reports having replaced hardware which has resolved their collector circuit problems. All ICN connections have restored and should be stable. Please contact our NOC to report any problems.

AT&T has been experiencing some technical problems on several of their 100Gbps collector circuits which has caused an interruption of service for some ICN customers. AT&T continues to work to resolve the issues.  We will update this page as we receive new information.

Schedule Maintenance


The Illinois Century Network (ICN) will perform network maintenance on May 29 beginning at 6:00AM. ICN engineers will make a software update to customer SDWAN hardware at DoIT E-rate Consortium K12 and Library sites. The work will cause an interruption of service on your ICN connection. We anticipate the maintenance to take 30 minutes.Please contact our Network Operations Center (NOC) at 217-524-3648 Option 2 or 312-814-3648 Option 2 to report any problems. 

Currently having Network Trouble?

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is our 24/7 support center. NOC staff monitor the network backbone, customer connections, respond to alarms and customer calls. The NOC is your first point of contact for reporting network problems and initiating technical support for your ICN connection.

217-524-3648 (Springfield)
312-814-3648 (Chicago)
Option 2