Illinois: The Next Century Network

Illinois:  The Illinois Century Network was established in 1999 and soon accomplished its primary objectives, placing Illinois among the leaders nationally in state network and communications technology.

The Illinois Century Network – commonly known as the ICN – is the largest publicly owned voice and data network in the country that serves nearly eight thousand schools, libraries, hospitals, municipalities, and other public institutions across the state.  A subcommittee of AET members has been meeting since December to work on the recommendations.

Additional information on the project will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

Specifically the objectives are:

  1. To achieve renewed consensus and commitment to a vision for the Illinois Century Network
  2. To consider and address the impact of technological, environmental and political changes and user needs which may impact the direction of the ICN
  3. To rewrite the current plan to reflect today's environment and develop recommendations that can be used to guide the direction of the ICN effort for the next five years