Illinois Century Network

Why ICN?

Why ICN?

The Illinois Century Network (ICN) is a high performance network built to meet the Internet and Intranet needs of the educational, research and governmental organizations serving the citizens of Illinois State wide.  The ICN maintains 15 Points of Presence and 9 Regional Technology Center offices around the state allowing our Community Anchor Institutions to connect and receive service locally. In addition the ICN network serves as an Illinois local area network enabling interconnectivity, resource sharing, and access to instate content and cloud resources.

How does ICN compare? 

Symmetrical​ ​Yes No ​No ​Yes
​Oversubscription ​7:1 ​50:1 ​50:1 ​10:1
Availability​ ​Guaranteed ​Best Effort ​Best Effort ​Guaranteed
​Latency ​10ms ​Not Measured ​Not Measured ​40ms

ICN customers receive:

  • Guaranteed Internet bandwidth
  • Full duplex symmetrical configuration - full bandwidth is available in both directions
  • Low latency technology supported by Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure smooth voice and video services
  • Fully redundant backbone ensuring connectivity at all times
  • Quality technical support and customer service
  • Access to Internet2 and other research organizations
  • Access MPLS based services such as private virtual networks

 What makes us different?

  • ICN is the largest state education network in the country
  • ICN provides Internet connectivity to over 6000 community anchor institutions in Illinois
  • In 2013 ICN started selling fiber and bandwidth services to commercial service providers
  • ICN has 9 regional support teams providing local support and expertise
  • ICN has just completed a $96M upgrade
  • ICN has dark fiber, lit service and colocation available through all Illinois
  • Since 1999 ICN has provided 365/24/7 support to its customers
  • Current ICN customers include critical public safety institutions that demand a reliable and fail safe, redundant network
  • Our service agreements have specific features designed to facilitate broadband deployment in Illinois
  • ICN offers attractive wholesale pricing to promote broadband to Illinois underserved areas
  • ICN is fully multicast enabled with ability to control Quality of Service
  • ICN provides access to Internet 2 

IBOP-EC Project

  • Illinois Broadband Opportunity Partnership-East Central (IBOP-EC)
  • IBOP-EC Monthly Updates