K12 Data & Security Symposium: April 19-20, 2018


The Learning Technology Centers, in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), are facilitating a one-day data and security symposium on April 19 and April 20. Participants will learn current legal requirements for data security and share K12 privacy and data security concerns. Best practices will be provided along with updates on ISBE’s Education Data Systems, including Ed360, SIS, MyIRC and the Illinois Report Card. Andre Bouranev, a DDoS mitigation expert from DoIT/ICN will provide a glimpse into how hackers find vulnerabilities in K12 communities and exploit them to launch devastating DDoS attacks. Jeff Thompson, a certified ethical hacker with the DoIT/Security Team will provide information on how easy it is to find personal information online. For more information and to register for the symposium click here

Agenda & Presenters

  • FERPA 101
  • Data Breach Response Plan and Training
  • Data Security Best Practices Training
  • Working with Online Service Providers and Apps
  • Transparency Best Practices
  • Ed360: Improving the Learning Process with Actionable Data
  • Illinois Report Card Data & MyIRC
  • How Much of Your Personal Information is Online?
  • Smart Way to Defend Against the Most Common Cyber Security Threats
  • Student Information System Spring Update 


 April 19-20, 2018​

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