E-rate Form 471 Information Session - 03/04/2015

​About This Webinar

Topic: E-rate Form 4791 Information Session

Host: Essam, El-Beik, ICN Staff

Summary: The webinar was designed to assist schools and libraries through the fundamentals of completing and filing E-Rate Form 471. Host, Essam El-Beik walks users through the entire procedure. The ICN is an E-rate authorized service provider and our staff will assist K-12 districts, schools and libraries with every step of the process.

Contact: If you have any questions about the E-rate Form 471, please contact your Regional Technology Center, or email us at CMS.BCCS.ICN@illinois.gov.

E-rate Form 471 Information Session
Hosted by Essam El-Beik


 E-rate Form 471 Information SessionPRESENTATION MATERIALS

E-rate Form 471 Information Session