E-rate Rules For Funding Year 2015 - 10/01/2014

About This Webinar

Topic: E-rate Rules for Funding Year 2015
Host: Essam El-Beik, ICN Staff
Summary: The webinar provides information regarding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revised rules for governing and how the proposed regulatory changes to the program will affect technology budgets. The ICN is an E-rate authorized service provider and our staff will assist K-12 districts, schools and libraries with every step of the process.
Contact: If you have questions regarding E-rate, please contact your Regional Technology Center, or e-mail us at CMS.BCCS.ICN@illinois.gov.

E-Rate Rules for FY2015 Webinar
Hosted by  Essam El-Beik

E-rate Rules for FY2015 Presentation