DoIT E-rate Consortium Announcement

​June 30, 2021 NEW Deadline for Circuit Submission

June 30, 2021, is the new deadline to submit circuits to the DoIT E-rate Consortium, if you want your circuit included in the subsequent procurement we plan to issue early Summer 2021.

To submit your circuits, please ensure you have provided the consortium with a signed Letter of Agency (LOA) form. The LOA gives permission to the consortium to procure circuits on your behalf. This form is required by E-rate rules. Please note that signing an LOA does not limit or remove your ability to file your own E-rate forms and issue your own procurement. To check if you have provided your LOA to the consortium, please see the spreadsheet titled "Consortium LOA's received" at under Resources.

Please use the DoIT Consortium Data Collection Tool to submit your circuits. Instructions to provide the LOA and circuits to the consortium are at Join the Consortium - K12-Network (

Circuit Eligibility

Please note if your circuit is under an existing contract, and the contract end date is prior to 30 June 2024, then the circuit will be included in the procurement (this is an update from previous guidance). This will allow DoIT Consortium to order circuits well in advance of the funding year start, allowing time for both the school/library and vendor to prepare and install the circuit.

As a reminder, you can submit Last Mile and WAN circuits to the consortium. A Last Mile circuit is from your head end location to the ICN and a WAN circuit is between school locations, for example, between the head end and middle school. When you specify the Last Mile circuit, the consortium also provides secure Internet access via the ICN.

Secure Internet Access Available from ICN

Secure Internet access is available from the ICN at no charge for Public K12, at any point in the year. You can also specify the bandwidth from 20 Mbps to 10 Gbps or higher, also at no charge. ICN service cost is being covered by state appropriation targeted for broadband Internet for Public K12.

To take advantage of this, you need to have a connection to the ICN. Last Mile circuits procured by the consortium are provided at no charge to public K12. If you don't have a Last Mile circuit procured by the consortium, you will need to connect to the ICN via your own procured circuit. Many Illinois providers already have an interconnect to the ICN. If you would like more information or would like to arrange connection to the ICN please email  and/or contact your local Regional Technology Center (RTC) office. RTC office contact information is available at ICN Support - Support (