Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Configuration


Standard BGP configuration service is available for ICN customers at no additional cost. Standard BGP configurations include basic/common ICN BGP communities and allows automatic fail over to a secondary Internet service or circuit.

There is $100.00 installation and $50.00 configuration fee for non-standard BGP configuration.

Service Pricing

Standard​​No ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge
​Non-StandardNo Charge​$100.00​$50.00

Service Details
  • ICN utilizes communities to determine route preference and filtering. This standard allows customers to control more effectively how their routes are treated within the ICN backbone and advertised to peers and transit providers.

Configuration Period

Five (5) business days for standard configuration
Per project for non-standard configuration

Expedite Service

Expedited service may be requested by customers who wish to have an order processed faster than the standard allowed configuration period. Appropriate charges will apply to each request for expedited service.


  • $100.00 NRC within *standard business hours
  • $150.00 NRC during after hours, weekends and holidays

*Standard business hours are M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Note: Does not apply to change in bandwidth level service request

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