Dark Fiber


ICN has over 1000 miles of dark fiber for sale. Dark fiber can be sold via a twenty year Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) or via monthly lease payments. If an IRU is purchased, customer pays for the right to use the fiber for 20 years via an initial one time charge and pays yearly for scheduled maintenance of the fiber. If the fiber is purchased via monthly lease, the monthly lease payment includes the fiber lease and the scheduled maintenance fee. Minimum term for monthly lease option is 3 years. Our standard pricing is applicable for POP to POP fiber purchases. When fiber segments are purchased between POPs this results in fiber segmentation for ICN and additional fees apply. Standard pricing is not applicable for downtown Chicago fiber to 350 E Cermak.

Dark fiber leases to carrier hotels may incur monthly charges if fiber access is required into the carrier hotel. Splicing into the dark fiber is dependent on location of ICN hand hole and presence of splice case. Splice requests into ICN dark fiber are approved on a case by case basis. 

Note: Dark fiber pricing is based on IRU/Lease of full path between ICN Point of Presence facilities. Additional charges apply to shorter distances and within the Chicago metropolitan areas. 3 and 5 year dark fiber lease terms available.

Configuration Period: Six (6) weeks from service order acceptance

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