State Master Contracts for E-rate Category 2

E-rate Category 2

​Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) has entered into state master contracts with vendors to support ICN customers for their E-rate category 2 purchases. The original RFP was made available via an E-rate form 470 thus allowing schools and libraries that are ICN customers to order from the state master contracts directly without having to issue an E-rate form 470. The state has already conducted a competitive bidding process and selected vendors. 

When the school or library submits their funding request via the E-rate form 471, they will need to reference the original form 470. The form 470 number is 160006565 and accessible by clicking this link.

The State Master Contracts entered into by CMS, to support school and library E-rate category 2 purchases are:

  1. Internal connection equipment and associated professional services (awarded to CDW-G)
  2. Cabling installation and verification services (awarded to Ficek)
  3. Managed internal broadband services (awarded to ENA)

For the CDW contract, it is required for the school to perform a mini bid – to select from the available equipment. A mini bid is not a form 470 process, but a process by which you select from the available equipment options. Please document the mini bid that you perform, assigning points to each vendor, thus showing how you selected your chosen vendor. Please keep all documentation, including this mini bid documentation for 10 years as required by E-rate rules.

If you have already issued or intend to issue an E-rate form 470 for category 2 equipment, the state master contracts can be considered an alternate bid response. The equipment and pricing you select from the state master contract should be included in the bid evaluation you perform as part of the E-rate form 470 competitive bidding process.

If you have any questions regarding the contracts, please contact the vendor directly (contact information provided below) or contact Essam El-Beik by telephone at 214 792 9866 or by email at:

Please note that if you have questions as you fill out the E-rate form 471, per E-rate rules, vendors are allowed to assist the applicant in completing an E-rate form 471.Thus, please don’t hesitate to contact the vendor if you need assistance in completing your form 471.

Vendor Contact Information

CDW-G Libraries

Contact: Michael Musser
Phone: 312-705-8948
SPIN#: 143005588


Contact: Paul Yereb
Phone: 847-371-7612
SPIN#: 143005588


Contact: Jennifer Bias, President
Phone: 815-224-5092
SPIN#: 143011159


Contact: Dan Whorton, Senior Account Manager
Phone: 615-312-6040
SPIN#: 143030857