Video Conferencing


The ICN offers a centralized IP (H.323) video service allowing customer IP video endpoints to register with and utilize the services of a Gatekeeper, an IP (H.323) to ISDN (H.320), Gateway, and an H.323 Multipoint Control Unit (MCU). All Video hardware is located on the ICN backbone and maintained by ICN staff. The H.323 protocol provides a means to transmit videoconferences over IP networks such as your local area network, wide area networks, the ICN and Internet2.

  • Access to Enterprise class IP video network components deployed by the ICN means full service without the investment
  • A single connection for video and data
  • Accessibility to and from thousands of sites
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Access to the Gatekeeper, Gateway and Multi-point Control Unit (MCU) 

Configuration Period: Varies by project

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