This service is available for ICN customers at no additional charge. There is a one time installation fee of $100.00.
IP Multicasting allows customers to simultaneously route a single stream of data from one data source to multiple destinations. Multicasting is used for streaming video, digital audio broadcasting services, data-intensive learning solutions and other high-bandwidth intensive applications. Some of the channels and productions available include CSPAN, PBS, NASA, Department of Defense, the Smithsonian and hundreds of others.
Service Details 
  • ICN staff will verify hardware requirements at the customer site and install the software on your router
  • Customers receive multicast traffic that is of a size that fits within the customers' available bandwidth both within and outside of the ICN.

Configuration Period: Five (5) business days

Expedite Service

Expedited service may be requested by customers who wish to have an order processed faster than the standard allowed configuration period.  Appropriate charges will apply to each request for expedited service.
  • $100.00 NRC within *standard business hours
  • $150.00 NRC during after hours, weekends and holidays
*Standard business hours are M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Note: Does not apply to change in bandwidth level service request 

Questions about Multicasting?

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