Quality of Service (QoS)

The ICN offers Quality of Service (QoS) on both the customer last mile (the connection between the customer site and an ICN POP site), and between points on the ICN backbone .QoS is a configuration which prioritizes data traffic based on traffic type or destination so that in the event of congestion on a network, a site's critical traffic has higher priority over other traffic. This service is only available on the ICN network and not over the public Internet.

Last Mile - ICN staff will configure QoS between the customer access router and the ICN distribution router the customer connects to. The configuration ensures traffic the customer identifies as most important has priority over other traffic. The last mile is the part of the network which is most likely to experience congestion.
Backbone - ICN staff will configure QoS between points across the ICN backbone. ICN will make its best effort to ensure all packets form all customers are treated equitably with a slight preference given to voice and video from all customers only during time where there may be bandwidth contention. QoS can also be applied within point to point and multipoint PVCs across the network. 

Service Rates

ServiceMonthly Pricing
Last Mile Circuit Qos$ 25.00 (up to four classes of service)
Across Backbone Qos​10% of standard bandwidth rate per Mbps


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