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    How do I get QoS?

    Contact your RTC to request QoS. Please be ready to provide them with the IP addresses of your video, voice, streaming video, or multicast equipment as well as how much bandwidth each will require.

    How much does it cost?

    Pricing is $25 per month. The cost will be waived for constituents who are signed up for the ICN's IP Video Service.

    Does the ICN support DSCP or RSVP?

    The ICN only supports IP Precedence to ensure everyone has access to this technology. There are scalability and security problems inherent in Integrated Services models like RSVP that unfortunately keep us from making them available to our customers.

    What does QoS buy me?

    The ICN will make its best effort to ensure all packets from all customers are treated equitably with a slight preference given to voice and video from all customers ONLY during times where there may be bandwidth contention. The ICN also provides POP to POP latency monitoring. Please note that end-to-end QoS is only available to and from sites connected by the ICN and NOT over the Internet.

    What does QoS do for my available bandwidth?

    QoS allows you to use your purchased bandwidth more efficiently by making sure that your delay sensitive traffic gets equal access to the bandwidth you have.

    What if there is a problem?

    Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians at your local RTC and they can help!

    What are my responsibilities with QoS?

    The ICN is dedicated to make sure QoS works for our customers, however there are often variables that are beyond our control. The ICN assumes responsibility for proper classification, policing, and queuing from your access router, through the backbone, to the destination access router. The ICN cannot help with and is not responsible for LAN problems, firewalls, customer routers, switches, servers, or appliances.

    How exactly is my bandwidth limited?

    Outbound traffic is shaped to your maximum rate. If shaping is unavailable on your specific port(s) your traffic will be policed to your maximum rate.