Private WAN Monitoring


Private WAN Monitoring allows ICN customers to leverage ICN's 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor each customers' site in a local WAN. The ICN monitors customer connections and access equipment 24/7, and works directly with the customer's service provider, and the customer to restore service in the event of an outage.

Using monitoring and analysis tools, ICN staff can also assist customers in tracking bandwidth utilization, circuit status and other information that may be valuable as a troubleshooting tool or for developing technology plans. ICN Engineers are available to interpret alerts from the ICN monitoring system for all monitored customer sites.

Advanced monitoring is available for Cisco or 100% Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) compatible systems with extensive alerting rules including bandwidth, dropped packets, CRC/Errored Seconds and many others, that provides deep insight into the health of the customer WAN. Also, online reports are available providing circuit history for key bandwidth parameters. Non-compatible systems can be monitored for up/down status for availability and outages.




  • Customer WAN circuits monitored 24x7x365 by fully staffed Network Operations Center
    • Tier 1 Network Engineers on hand at the NOC at all times with the ability to escalate efficiently as needed
  • Fully Redundant Monitoring System
    • All systems are monitored by an enterprise level network monitoring system that can be configured for all standard telemetry as well as custom/non-standard monitoring (port based for example)
  • Alert Analysis
    • ICN maintains extensive alerting rules including bandwidth, dropped packets, CRC/Errored Seconds and many others that provide deep insight into the health of the customer WAN. These reports require that the customer router be a Cisco router or one 100% compliant with Cisco's SNMP. Non Cisco hardware may be monitored for up/down via ICMP checks.
    • Engineers process these alerts and either act on them directly, or advise the customer on appropriate actions to be taken, either reactively or proactively.  

Service Rates

  • Customers will incur a one-time charge which will cover installation and initial configuration of the monitoring system (see rates below).  This service is available at a 12 month minimum term.
  • This Service is available to active ICN broadband customers using ICN as their primary Internet Service Provider. 
  • No charge for directly connected customer sites
​Description​Base Rate
​WAN Monitoring​Installation
​$300.00 (one time fee)

​$50.00 (circuit/monthly)

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