Legal Services Program Attorneys

​​Who serves as the Legal Services Program Attorneys?

IDES contracts with private law firms to provide free legal services (consultation and/or representation at IDES administrative hearings) to claimants and small employers who are eligible for this service. These independent law firms are not part of IDES. Representation at your hearing is not automatic and depends, in part, upon the facts in your case.​

​I’m a claimant. How do I know which of the two “claimant” law firms to contact for legal services?

If your Social Security number ends in a 0 through 4, call:
  • (800) 884-6591 toll-free 
  • (847) 991-9240 out of state (not toll-free) 
  • (866) 848-5609 TTY toll-free 
If your Social Security number ends in a 5 through 9, call:
  • (888) 430-1776 toll-free 
  • (847) 251-1776 out of state (not toll-free) 
  • (847) 251-6985 TTY (not toll-free)​