WorkShare IL

How Does It Work?

Employers interested in applying for a WorkShare plan must first register and create an account through the WorkShare e-Services website.

All WorkShare plans are initiated by the employer. Applications are made online on the WorkShare IL e-Services website. If an employer cannot access the online system, they can contact IDES to assist with completing the application. If the application meets all the requirements, the plan is approved and employer will be notified via digital letter within 24 hours. If the application does not meet the requirements, IDES will contact the employer to help make changes. If the plan cannot be accepted, the employer must wait one month before applying again.

Employer Certification
After a plan is effective the employer will file a weekly certification providing necessary information on each employee participating in the plan and their eligibility to receive benefits. Benefits will be paid weekly.

What is WorkShare IL?

WorkShare IL is a voluntary program that provides employers facing a decline in business with an alternative to layoffs. The program allows an employer to reduce the number of hours worked in any unit of their business in order to avoid permanent layoffs. Each employee in an affected unit continues to work but experiences a reduction in hours that ranges from 20% to 60%. Employees receive a corresponding percentage of unemployment benefits during the period of temporary reduction to offset the reduction in earnings.

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WorkShare IL Benefits Employers and Employees

Employer Benefits:

  • Employers maintain a trained workforce during temporary periods of business downturn.
  • Employers avoid turnover costs associated with hiring and training new employees.
  • Minimizes significant increases to employers’ Unemployment Insurance costs.
  • Employers can have multiple plans, allowing the flexibility to tailor plans for the needs of business units with different challenges.

Employee Benefits:

  • Employees keep their job and avoid a temporary or permanent layoff.
  • Employees receive weekly unemployment benefits to offset the partial loss in earnings.
  • Employees continue to receive all fringe benefits under the same terms and conditions.
  • Employees are not required to conduct ongoing job searches.