Important Notice Regarding Quarterly Statements

​7/16/20 - Due to the volume of unemployment insurance claims resulting from the pandemic, it is impracticable for IDES to mail employers the quarterly Statements of Benefit Charges (for taxable employers) and Statements of Amount Due for Benefit Charges (for reimbursable employers). Therefore, all employers will be able to view the Statements for the Second Quarter 2020, along with instructions and a protest form, on their account when they are posted on August 14, 2020.

All employers will be mailed a notice on July 22, 2020 asking that they sign up for a MyTax account. This notice will state that the Statements will "only" be delivered on MyTax. This is incorrect.  A second notice will be mailed on August 10, 2020 with instructions on how to receive a duplicate paper copy of the Statement through the mail, though due to the lengthy nature of the Statements, IDES is asking that employers do not request a duplicate paper copy unless necessary.