Refusal To Return to Work

Please utilize this form to notify us of one or more claimants who have refused to return to work when offered by you or your representative. Include detailed explanation of the reasons that employee provided for refusing to return to work. This information will assist IDES in making our determination of benefit eligibility. Generally, an individual must show good cause for refusing a bona fide, suitable offer of work.

In determining whether any work is suitable for an individual, consideration shall be given to the degree of risk involved to their: health, safety, and morals; physical fitness and prior training; experience and prior earnings; length of unemployment and prospects for securing local work in their customary occupation; and the distance of the available work from their residence. To read more about Refusal of Work see Section 603 of the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act and the Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook on our website.

Instructions for Submitting:
Submit the completed form using our secure File Transfer Utility tool only. The recipient email address is This is for notifying the agency of work refusals ONLY. Other documents, emails or requests will not be accepted.  Include as many workers as you are aware on one submittal. If later you need to protest additional workers, please remove any that were previously reported.