FAQs by Employer

The frequently asked questions (FAQs) provided below highlight topics and specific questions that employers often ask IDES.

  • What advantage can be gained by listing job openings with IDES?

    IDES uses an Internet-based job search tool that features current job openings called Illinois​JobLink​. Unlike most other online job posting sites creating an employer account doesn't incur any additional cost. Plus, it's fast and easy! Registering with Illinois JobLink provides access to member only features and services that assist you in finding employees.

    • Search our internet based system of thousands of résumés.
    • Save your searches and eliminate the need to conduct repeated searches for the same information.
    • Access local and statewide Labor Market Statistics.
    • Additional resources available for managing and growing your business.

    Take advantage of Illinois JobLink by registering today!

  • As a new employer, do I need to register and file with IDES?

    ​If so, your newly-created business (employing unit) must register with IDES within 30 days of start-up. Employers can register electronically through the MyTax Illinois ​website. 

    Submit a completed and signed UI-1 form, "Report to Determine Liability Under the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act".

  • What are the Quarterly Filing Requirements for Employers?

    ​Employers must file wage reports (Form UI-3/40) and pay contributions in the month after the close of each calendar quarter - that is, on or before April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 31.

    Mail completed forms and payments to:

    P.O. Box 19300
    Springfield, Illinois 62794-9300

    For more IDES employer contact information, or call:

    • The Employer Services Hotline, at 800-247-4984

    • The Tax Hotline TTY number is 866-212-8831.

  • How should an employer file quarterly and monthly contribution (tax) and wage reports?

    File quarterly Contribution & Wage Reports (UI-3/40) and Monthly Wage Reports via MyTax Illinois​.​

    Effective Dates (based on # of Employees)
    250 or more - January 2013
    100 - 249 - July 2013
    50 - 99 - January 2014
    25 - 49 - July 2014

  • What are an employer's electronic (paperless) filing options?
    Effective 3rd Quarter 2013

    The Rules of the Illinois Department of Employment Security (56 Ill. Code 2760.140) have been changed to require employers with 25 or more employees during the prior calendar year to file their Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report (UI-3/40) electronically.

    File Format Guides

    Our quarterly filing guides are available for download below in the Adobe PDF Format. Download a free copy of Adobe Reader at the Adobe website.

  • Updates to Employer Accounts

    Make Changes to your UI Account - Request to close your UI account, make wage corrections - Name or social security number corrections

    ​Keeping your business information up to date in our system ensures that you will continue to receive letters and other critical documents from our agency.​ Complete the changes online at the MyTax Illinois website​ or the Notice of Change form UI-50 for:
    • ​Phone Number Change/Name Change/Address Change/Miscellaneous Changes
    • Business Name change without change in legal entity
    • Reorganization, Sale or Other Organizational Change
    • Request to Close UI Account ​
    Complete the forms below for Wage/Name/Social Security Corrections

  • As an employer, what are my options for paying UI taxes?
    MyTax Illinois
    You can establish a MyTax Illinois account to pay UI Taxes. Click here​ for more information. 

  • What are Employer UI Contribution (Tax) Rates?

    ​​State Experience Factor & Employers' UI Contribution Rates (EA-50):

     2020 |2019 |2018 | 2017 |  2016  | 2015 

    ​Taxable Wage Base

    Click here for an historical rate chart.​ 

    For experience-rated employers (those with three or more years of experience), the contribution rate is based on a ratio, called the benefit ratio, which is determined in such a way that the greater the unemployment caused by the employer, the higher the rate.

    Non-profit institutions and governmental entities may elect to make payments in lieu of contributions due. These can be equal to 100% of the regular benefit amounts, including dependents’ allowances, that can be paid to beneficiaries.​

  • What is a benefit charge protest (BEN-118 or BEN-118R) that IDES sends to employers?

    ​An employer who was determined to be the chargeable employer is mailed a notification identifying the worker, number of weeks collected and the total charge amount at the end of each quarter. If the former worker collected benefits, a taxable or reimbursable employer can contest these charges.

    A taxable employer has forty-five days to file a written protest​. A reimbursable employer has twenty days to file a written protest.

    Note: the reimbursable employer must pay the billed amount regardless of protest status. If the protest is successful, the reimbursable employer will get relief later. If the protest is denied in whole or in part, the employer may request an administrative hearing.

  • What are my options for submitting complaints/allegations regarding UI Fraud?
    Use the Fraud Reporting Form, and send to IDES:
    • By Mail: 
      • Illinois Department of Employment Security
        Attention: Field Audit Manager  
        33 S. State Street, 10th Floor
        Chicago, Illinois 60603-2802

    • By Fax: IDES Field Audit Manager, 312-793-4351   
    • By Phone: 312-793-1920

  • Where do I send my completed WOTC certification request forms (including the 8850 & 9061 forms)?
    WOTC Unit
    33 S State St, 8th Floor
    Chicago, IL 60603