Create Your Own Communication Card

The Power of Communication

IDHHC developed the Communication Card to provide individuals with hearing loss a simple way to inform service providers or state and local government of their communication needs. The Card also allows the individual to list the name and contact information of their preferred communication provider.

IDHHC thanks Western Pennsylvania Health Information for allowing us to modify its Accommodation Card created by Daryl Dolan and David Fulmer in consultation with the Behavioral Health Task Force for Persons who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing of Allegheny County in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

To create your personalized Communication Card:

  1. Choose an option that fits your hearing loss:  DEAF, HARD OF HEARING, OR DEAF-BLIND
  2. Choose options that best meet your communication needs
  3. Provide the name and contact information of your preferred provider (Interpreter, CART, or Referral agency)
  • DEAF