BEI Certification & Testing

Important Notice: The IL BEI Interpreter Testing will not be administered in the months of November and December due to the Licensure Renewal Period. You may submit the completed application and required payment. The IL BEL Interpreter Testing will reopen in January 2023.

 The purpose of the IL BEI interpreter testing and certification process is to provide certification options to Illinois interpreters.  The certification tests are both proficiency-based and criterion-referenced evaluations.

IL_BEI_Manual_2022.pdf: The manual helps you to become familiar with the general format, content, and evaluation criteria used in the examinations, as well as, explain IDHHC's policies and procedures for the testing process.


Required Fee
(Section 1515.170)

Important Information

 BEI_TEP App.pdf $80 TEP Frequently Asked Questions


*Please read the above announcements prior to submitting an application.  

$250 Basic
$275 Advanced
$300 Master

Passing the Test of English Proficiency is a requirement before applying for a performance test.

BEI Validity and Reliability - Summary | Detailed

BEI_Name Change.pdf $0  To make name changes.
BEI_Conversion.pdf $22 Upon conversion, the BEI certificate holder is required to comply annually with the IL BEI Certificate Maintenance procedures. Compliance with IL BEI Certificate Maintenance does not maintain your BEI certificate in the issuing state.
DKBT_Test_Appl.pdf $80

In order to take the Deaf Interpreter Knowledge Based Test, an applicant must have completed 8 contact hours of Ethics (RID Code of Professional Conduct) and 8 contact hours on the role and responsibilities of Certified Deaf Interpreters within 3 years prior to the date of application.

Deaf Interpreter Knowledge Based Test (DIKBT Candidate Instructions.pdf

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E-Pay is electronic payment site offered as a convenience and can be used with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. It is not an online application process. All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and you must submit your completed application and required documentation to the IDHHC office via U.S. mail.