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NameCity/StateCountyRegionLicense/Proficiency LevelSort
Morales, AliciaMontgomery, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Amaro, EstebanChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Holden, Mary SueJoliet, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Schone, OliviaJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Williams, Haley JeanCoon Rapids, MNAnokaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Coleman, Janice MHanover Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Sanders, CarmenChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Abenchuchan, Joshua IsaacDaytona Beach, FLOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Kjelland, Ethan RaeChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Karlin, TracieAurora, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Owens, Megan DiannBloomington, ILMcleanEast CentralGeneral - Master1
Paladin, Mary MOak Forest, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Luszczyk, ElizabethChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Brown, LoriFox River Grove, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Washington, DarleneLynwood, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Goodrow, RichardEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Lucas, Sara ERolling Meadows, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Gaydurgis, Holly KHoffman Estates, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Maclin, RobinChattanooga, TNHamiltonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Sterling, AvaBuffalo Grove, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Barbieri, Beth AnnChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Adams, WendyIsland Lake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Carlson, Summer AGeneseo, ILHenryNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Stier, Doris HavranekSandwich, ILDekalbNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Pacheco, IsauraChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
O'connell, AnnaliseDubuque, IAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Rice, David MichaelChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Hawkins, Chara CBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Sproule, JenniferChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Ng, LydiaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Clarkin, Pamela AWilmette, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Butler, Lisa KChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Adams, Joni MJeddo, MISt. ClairOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Adcock, Emily LaurenGodfrey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Schiro, Brenda KayMokena, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Craig, KathyLombard, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Nick, Jamie SDarien, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Aragon, Holly LynnClovis, NMCurryOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Nye, MichellePark Ridge, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Smith, Shanna LPeoria, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Orozco, AnneChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Schmitz, KristinChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Beckham, PaulaDowell, ILJacksonSouthernGeneral - Intermediate3
Wootten-austin, Stephanie LRolling Meadows, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Adoh, Cori APittsburgh, PAAlleghenyOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Aldrich, CarrieSycamore, ILDekalbNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Aiken, KarriTorrance, CAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Alward, Luke PhillipLake Orion, MIOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Gorrill, JeffWildwood, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Witkowski, Emily AllisonPlainfield, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Woody, AbigailHomer Glen, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Poland, Regina EileneChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Staggs, Jonnie LindaIngleside, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Winkler, Allison MChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Koelbl, Michelle LynnOak Creek, WIMilwaukeeOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Bajalis, ColleenBartlett, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Velez, Lesly AnLockport, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Wydra, Lindsay JoySaint John, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Bange, Bridget MSaint Louis, MOOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Ervin, Melanie AJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Gianotti, Kelli AnnCrown Point, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Barnett, Carol LAustin, TXOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Brown, Lyndsi BrookeBrookfield, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Freeze, RandaCrystal City, MOJeffersonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Vozzolo, Meghan BolinAurora, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Bassrettig, AlysonAuburn, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Strnad, MichelleOswego, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Smith, Daniel BCollinsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Skinner, ThomasCollinsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Boyd, Sandy LLake Villa, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Batten, JeremyNaples, FLCollierOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Macdonald, Kristina MarieSandwich, ILLasalleNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Eck, TimGodfrey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Moran, Maureen MakelaGrayslake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Beane, AshleyYorkville, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Sotnick, Susan MaloneEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Yaworski, RebeccaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Wittke, AubreyCarol Stream, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Sargent, SaraLockport, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Mikolajczak, Natalie JChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Belew, Cathy AnneJonesboro, GAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Pennington, Amanda DeeGodfrey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Berg, BunnyChampaign, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Mcgowan, Sara BethYorkville, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Jasper, KathrynGrayslake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Simeone, Andrea MarieAthens, ILMenardWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Gillespie, NicholeChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Clark, Carole NicoleHazel Crest, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Welker-shutes, Sharon MarieRoselle, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Besch, BryannaSaint Charles, MOOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Gardner, Elizabeth AElgin, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Concepcion, AmandaPalos Heights, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Wenner, Kathleen KPalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Gaspar, KristenChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Doll, Daniella ChristineChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Bishop, Kimberly BethSt. Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Gaspar, AdamChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Mahoney, Timothy PEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Morgan, Rachel ReneWaddy, KYShelbyOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Kettering, Sheila MBatavia, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Thomas, MathewAurora, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Bluesse, DominikChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Borrego, StaceyPlano, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Bohm, Gina SignoreOak Forest, ILCookCookProvisional4
Boykin, SabrinaCanton, MIWayneOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Morrow, Shannon LynnBloomington, ILMcleanEast CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Love, WhitneyEffingham, ILEffinghamSouthernGeneral - Intermediate3
Curosh, Mary Jo RuichMunster, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Athy, Amy LynnSaint Louis, MOSt. Louis CityOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Smith, Donna LouiseRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Snell, MaggieMorton, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Llamas, BenjaminChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Stefanski, Darlene MInverness, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Stogner, ScottWheaton, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Hall, Susan DJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Williams, LOak Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Lakin, Nanci BethNorthbrook, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Moutinho, ShannonOak Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Lerner, Debbie JProspect Heights, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Raci, DonElmhurst, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Brigham, Jacalyn LeighChampaign, ILChampaignEast CentralProvisional4
Brown, Jessica LeeannTebbetts, MOCallawayOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Buechner, JenniferMadison, WIDaneOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Tashey, AlitheaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
O'brien, CoryChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Wetherill, DeborahVilla Park, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Babich, Kimberly LeeLexington, KYFayetteOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Zimmerman, ShelliBloomington, ILMcleanEast CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Heibner, Kimberly ReneHerrin, ILWilliamsonSouthernGeneral - Master1
Shaw, Jacquelin GRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Martin, CourtneyBatavia, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Kisner, AmyOak Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Campbell, JodeenQuincy, ILAdamsWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Borjon, Nestor DanielBroadview, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Gentile, AlyssaVernon Hills, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Word, Laverne LouiseChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Lache, JulikkaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Wright, Catherine SLombard, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Blair, Nathan PaulChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Palmer, Bryan MichaelMount Prospect, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Cansler, SarahLibertyville, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Pope, Reba KayChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Jochems, Jason MertonChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Abood, CatherineChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Runge, Brett AaronFlorissant, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Musumhi, Paula MoniqueCarbondale, ILJacksonSouthernGeneral - Intermediate3
Jones, DavidChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Rios, Jose RChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Harris, MarthaDarien, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Carso, Amanda LeaHolland, MIOttawaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Bundy, Chelsea ElizabethChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Flowers, Aren DellaAurora, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Bady, Mollie MEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Chambers, Caressa JoyImperial, MOJeffersonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Chan, Yi HinSilver Spring, MDMontgomeryOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Snyder, Joanne CameronMerrillville, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Chapman, Sheila AJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Wickman, Fotini MMarengo, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Delgado, Christine JoyChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Geier, Colleen AvillaSouth Bend, INSt. JosephOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Bartlow Breslin, ElizabethEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Helgeson, DanielleChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Luckey, Megan ESpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Chiasson, ChrisyHouston, TXHarrisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Venrooy, RebeccaRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Deking, Brianne LeeWashburn, ILMarshallNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Mcbeth, Susen SSt Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Willis, Joel ETemecula, CARiversideOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Stearns, John RobertKankakee, ILKankakeeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Wiegand, JanelEureka, ILWoodfordNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Anderson, Michele MarieWaterman, ILDekalbNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Radke, Gina AngelaRockton, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Rash, Chad DeanChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Butler, Flora BWaxhaw, NCUnionOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Bords, JessicaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Christensen, CarolJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Christian, BequetaLouisville, KYOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Clark, ArikaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Considine, Kerry AnnMattoon, ILColesEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Corbett, Sydney LynnTucson, AZOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Crowe, Ariel CRockton, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Ryan, MarleneJohnsburg, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Master1
Mcwilliams, MarkDallas, TXDallasOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Geer, Mindy LeighPeoria, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Crocker, DebraHattiesburg, MSOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Holsomback, Andre TuyetDavenport, IAScottOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Jones, Dawn MLoves Park, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
George, Paul RTinley Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Perry, Donald RobertBallwin, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Wear, Audrae SuzanneBettendorf, IAScottOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Soliz, OliviaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Loredo, ClaraBerwyn, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Paduano, AllysonWest Islip, NYOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Sluga, Carrie AnneSpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Oberbeck, PatriciaChicago Ridge, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Jenicek, LindaLisle, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Vallone, Lauren EChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Palmer, Carol AMount Prospect, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Culligan, Clara EileenChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Carron, Elana NicoleChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Stewart, AnneChillicothe, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Kruse, KathrynSugar Grove, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Naylor, Anne MarieWarrenville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Deshazer, JoyManteno, ILKankakeeNortheastProvisional4
Cullison, Tara LynnCocoa Beach, FLBrevardOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Cotter, SamanthaDarien, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Dampf, Mary BarbaraTinley Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Rhodes, Shaunte GriffinBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Brieschke, Caryn JRound Lake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Ashford, Hershella PaulaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
White, Virginia EvaPeoria, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Bottoms, ElizabethElgin, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Wilborn, Durriyyah AnjailChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Bordean, JonathanJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Bordean, Amy MarieJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Dentino, Dianna NaWind Lake, WIMilwaukeeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Bello, Mary CCrystal Lake, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Master1
Kiel, Olivia AnneWestmont, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Ramsay, Kim NicoleRoscoe, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Branch, CinderellaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Moore, Gracie ELansing, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Aguilar, JovagSchaumburg, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Okey, KimberlyWest Chicago, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Mays, LindsayRound Lake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Rhead, Leah CatherineEvergreen Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Wenner, Lauren KPalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Turner, Shalon ChristineVerona, WIDaneOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Tarpinian, MeganPalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Salerno, SuzanneOak Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Diehl-callaway, Linda JChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Rangel, Elizabeth AChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Frye, Nicole HeatherJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Rangel, Susan ElizabethChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Milka, Dawn LAurora, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Kamick, KendallChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Digregorio, CynthiaChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Donnenwirth, RosettaHarrisonburg, VARockinghamOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schlueter, Vicky LynnAlton, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Grazian, Amanda LindseyLombard, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Taylor, Leamond DPrinceville, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Roberts, KathleenSunset Hills, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Clendenin, ChristyMarion, ILWilliamsonSouthernGeneral - Intermediate3
Donze, Melissa JWashington, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Heckman, TaraClearwater, FLPinellasOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
O'connor, Lisa MarieBlue Island, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Pritchard, FaithChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Dowding, JuliSpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Downs, Rhonda McdanielJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Kleemann, LainiePalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Phelan, DanaEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Wilson, Jennifer SueRed Bud, ILRandolphWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Dramin-weiss, Susan MThe Villages, FLSumterOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Shaw, Valarie KathyCarterville, ILWilliamsonSouthernGeneral - Advanced2
Early-exton, Angeline DinahDorsey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Panepinto, Rose MUrbana, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Edwards, Teleasha WoodardElm City, NCWilsonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Lewis, JessicaCanton, MOLewisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Litterst, LauraDowners Grove, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Eisenhart, Amanda MariePortland, MEOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Eslick, LoriMorton Grove, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Carter, James JosephBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Ewald, Chandra MarySt. Louis, MOSt. Louis CityOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Fash, Marissa KristenShorewood, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Feckovics, Dana KPortage, MIKalamazooOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Fischer, Deanna JBurnsville, MNDakotaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Fisher, Donna MMelbourne, FLLakeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Damon, AndrewSun Prairie, WIDaneOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Flowers, Amy LeighFreeport, ILStephensonNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Folster, Tyler WadeSouth Jacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Self, Melony DawnSouth Roxana, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Laurent, ChristinaTucson, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Forbes, Laura FGranite City, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Ford, Teresa VRathdrum, IDKootenaiOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Taylor, Meghan LauraSchaumburg, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Frederick, BrittanyCarbondale, ILJacksonSouthernGeneral - Intermediate3
Freeman, Sam CSt Paul, MNRamseyOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Layton, Enrique MaldonadoWaco, TXMclennanOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Friedrich, ChrisCarlyle, ILClintonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Niezwaag, Chelsey NEdwardsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Gaynor, LeahChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Garrison, Jennifer LeonaMoline, ILRock IslandNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Covington, Mary AnnOrlando, FLOrangeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Ginn, OliviaWinter Park, FLOrangeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Glidewell, Vittoria AWestmont, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Gong, DannyHonolulu, HIOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Gould, Cynthia LLindenhurst, NYSuffolkOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Johnson, KathrynKingwood, TXHoustonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Gournaris, Jennifer LynGrants Pass, OROut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Greenwaldt, Amy JoyMonticello, MNWrightOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Roman, PeterTucson, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Gulick, Jenna LO'fallon, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Guy, Amanda LLutz, FLOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Hamilton, TironicaNorth Little Rock, ARArkansasOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Block, KateWauwatosa, WIMilwaukeeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Eller, Catherine LynnMadison, WIDaneOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Hart Hathaway, Candace StarChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Hoover, Mary ElizabethDeltona, FLVolusiaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Hartzell, Emily MarieWashington, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Hathaway, LisaAlta Loma, CAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Hawkins, SaraDuquoin, ILPerrySouthernGeneral - Master1
Hutchinson, Connie JoLouisburg, NCFranklinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Wilber, Kacy DCollingswood, NJCamdenOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schlaefer, Bronwyn MarieChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Brandl, Christine AnnPlainfield, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Houghtaling, Kenneth WPalm Harbor, FLPinellasOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Wolfe, Lisa AdeleGoodyear, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schmerman, Heather AElkins Park, PAMontgomeryOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Houseman, SaraHighland Park, ILLakeNortheastProvisional4
Kalmus, AmyColorado Springs, COEl PasoOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Bowman, SomoneHazel Crest, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Willis, Correne LydiaTemecula, CARiversideOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Delaney, Stephen BirchRichmond, KYMadisonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Ajayi, Deborah BeaversRoanoke, VARoanokeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Howard, Brandi JLady Lake, FLLakeOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Flores, SylvieMadera, CAMaderaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Warren, DarleneMiddletown, PADauphinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Jackson, Terra MarieHouston, TXOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Kline, ValerieIndian Rocks Beach, FLPinellasOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Thayer, Colleen MarieSalem, ORMarionOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Jackson-souder, Julie LauraPittsburgh, PAAdamsOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Boklund, Peter AllenWichita, KSSedgwickOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Hawthorne, Linda JHammond, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Riscili, KamilaNew Fairfield, CTFairfieldOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Hebel, Carol SuzanneWebster Groves, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kinsel, Missy DawnSpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Siebert, DeborahManito, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Hellrung, Mikayla JordanAlton, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Pineda, Abby KBroussard, LALafayetteOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Helsel, Marlena AnnBedford, PABedfordOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Frost, KelseyLisle, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Bullock, Terry LeeMount Vernon, ILJeffersonSouthernGeneral - Master1
Hendrickson, Lisa AMacon, GAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Henson, Elizabeth AnnFestus, MOJeffersonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Craig, DanaChatham, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Shirek, MarieLankin, NDWalshOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Hernandez, DeniseTampa, FLOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Trueblood, Linda MarieElgin, OKComancheOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Hicks, PeytonChicago, IL5
Knoell, Bradley DDallas, TXDallasOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Moylan, Alicia GearyChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Hildreth, SherrieChampaign, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Hoffman, JessicaEdgewater, FLVolusiaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Hoffman, ShellyLong Grove, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Holl, Irene AAshkum, ILIroquoisEast CentralGeneral - Master1
Johnson, Heidi AlysonChampaign, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Benjamin, Heather LeeRiviera Beach, FLPalm BeachOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Vriezen, Shawn MichaelSaint Paul, MNRamseyOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Johnson, Clarenda GAlogonquin, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Johnston, Margaret RoseHenderson, KYOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Jones, Latanya EHatboro, PAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Rickerd, KaitlinFresno, CAFresnoOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Quiroga, JeremySeattle, WAKingOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Carter, SaraAndover, MNAnokaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Harris, Alisha WSalem, ORPolkOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Word, Laverne LChicago, ILGeneral - Advanced2
Jones, Shelly LouiseFulton, MOCallawayOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Lee, Lauren LeeJohnstown, PACambriaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Karimi, Robyn JamieBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Heesen, LauraJanesville, WIRockOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Engelmann, JoanJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Jabaay, Olivia SummerAlbuquerque, NMBernalilloOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Smith, Michael BurrFruitland, IDPayetteOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Feuling, Jamee LeeDillon, MTBeaverheadOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Keithley, Colleen JoyJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Kessen, Karina LHenderson, NVClarkOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kielma, MariaOak Creek, WIMilwaukeeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Ramolete, Michelle SClovis, CAFresnoOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Urso, Jackie SAurora, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Fisher, Kathryn RoseColorado Springs, COEl PasoOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kinzler, SherryBonfield, ILKankakeeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Knutsen, Skye KathereneOak Lawn, ILCookCookProvisional4
Kowalski, Tammy LSwansea, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Frueh, Stacy LWilmette, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Moresco, Celeste MLake Forest, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Kozel, Nicole LeeClearwater, FLPinellasOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Weathers, ElaineHazel Crest, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Weddington, ArlinelChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Kubat, Katherine LylesFarmington, MNDakotaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Shannon, HollyDavenport, IAScottOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Hicks, JessicaFlushing, MIGeneseeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Campbell, Sarah ChristineHypoluxo, FLPalm BeachOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Lebedda, Roberta RachelPittsburgh, PAOut of State - Master1
Mcleod, Michael MaxSan Antonio, TXBexarOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Adams, John ThomasSaint Louis, MOSt. Louis CityOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Van Cleve, CassidyGeneva, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Kwiatkowski, Danielle Marie-lynnGrand Rapids, MNOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Lajiness, Sherry GTower Lakes, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Hernandez, Clarissa ETucson, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Lane, David TimothyGurnee, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Lensbower, Jessica TessWalkersville, MDFrederickOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schmidt, David JosephChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Langusch, Kimberlee AnnRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Cox, Michael McclintonCincinnati, OHHamiltonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Lassiter, CandaceToledo, OHAdamsOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Lassiter, BrianToledo, OHLucasOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Leckron, Lester LeroySpokane Valley, WASpokaneOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Helland, Trisha LeaSt. Michael, MNWrightOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Stadnik Ortiz, Teresa MarieWoodridge, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Ledbetter, Kaborski TPensacola, FLEscambiaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Turner, Barbara LynnDarien, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Bodenbach, Taylor LeeannGodfrey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Wargo, Lisa MJerseyville, ILJerseyWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Minchey, JerryHighland, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Williams, Melanie DCarpentersville, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Lewis, PhillipChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Lewis, Calvin BookerSaint Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Liesman, MckennaChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Maffia, DanielRochester, NYNew YorkOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Lopez, Edison AMaywood, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Volchko, Bethany AnnLake In The Hills, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Riddle, Mark KnoxHouston, TXHarrisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Mintz, Laird PeterChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Heneisen, SafinaOrlando, FLOrangeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Luttrell, Andrew JQuincy, ILAdamsWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Lynn, NicoleFox Lake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Jendreas-papierniak, Michele MBarrington Hills, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Harris, Dwayne AntoineChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Reuter, KatieYorkville, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Master1
Kaiser, SherylMorton, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Nickens, Carol JaneSurprise, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Maffucci, MichaelOkauchee, WIWaukeshaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Lunger, AdrianaMountain Home Afb, IDElmoreOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Baldoza, VeramarieChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Magnuson, Paul WilliamPlano, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Emerson, Angela NaomiSedona, AZYavapaiOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Manzano, John TylerPlainfield, IL5
Balentyne, Peggy AnnDurand, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Mead, Annmarie JDarien, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Mcelfresh, KirstaTroy, OHMiamiOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Jones, Karissa RCincinnati, OHHamiltonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Huffman, Carissa DawnMead, COWeldOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Cannon, Tina MarieChillicothe, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Eaton, RachelLoves Park, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Aubry, Katherine SJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Bowman, Emily LynnCreve Coeur, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Lewis, NatashaFramingham, MAMiddlesexOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Burke, Molly KatherineYorkville, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Master1
Blumberg, Paula EstherSkokie, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Partridge Harvanek, Gail MarieBloomingdale, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Marshall, Mirtie LeeJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Bortolotti, Elizabeth AMchenry, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Mcnutt, Kristin DIsland Lake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Patino, Sabrina PaulineLake In The Hills, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Gronlund, Ann EMonroe Center, ILOgleNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Wood, GlenPlainfield, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Horan, Rachel MElk Grove Village, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Ray, Trudy GustafsonWheaton, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Kirk, ErinLaporte, INLa PorteOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Baudendistel, SamanthaCahokia, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Hild, Patrice WynneVilla Park, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Decker-sola, Dawn MarieRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Zurkowski, Rachel MarieBull Valley, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Martin, Charles WilliamJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Martinez, CandiceLaveen, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Martinez, MicheleLe Roy, NYOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kaufman, EllenWilmette, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Lani, Tamar HealaniKaneohe, HIHonoluluOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Teplinsky, Susan RMundelein, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Mccoy, Alan GregoryPalm Coast, FLFlaglerOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Freeman, LorettoSaint Charles, MOSt. CharlesOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Mcgowan, Bailey ZinnsTallahassee, FLLeonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Koch, Kathi LynnSioux Falls, SDMinnehahaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Mclaughlin, RobertEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Meyers, Bridget LouiseLakeville, MNOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Olson, ColleenSpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Miller, Jonathan PSt Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Mckinley, Fred EChelsea, MEKennebecOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Stopoulos, Susan CRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Miller, Sarah DorothyBrookfield, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Miller, Megan MichelleEdwardsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Balombini, RachelW Melbourne, FLBrevardOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Langusch, Lee ChristopherRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Scott, Tina ARockton, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Bailey, SabrinaWhite Hall, ILGreeneWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Duvall, Danika RoseWestmont, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Thomas, KatherineAurora, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Miller, Caleb RyneMcleansboro, ILHamiltonSouthernGeneral - Intermediate3
Kostomiris, Laura MWest Chicago, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Edwards, Charlene KayGodfrey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Miller, Pamela AWheeling, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Aubuchon, NicoleOrland Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Henz, Melissa MWestchester, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Miller, Lauren AshleyCountry Club Hills, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Crane, James RobertShiloh, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Mitchell, Ricky ELos Angeles, CAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Philbin, Kayley ChristineGlenview, ILCookCookProvisional4
Taplin, Samantha NicoleChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Mcalonan, ChristineChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Moilanen, Erica JeanDes Plaines, ILCookCook5
Mollinedo, Marvin RaulKissimmee, FLOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Host Glaze, Michelle THometown, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Shengelia, Amy RebeccaKirkwood, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Moore, JoyMoro, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Fish, ElizabethChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Moore, Carrie RebeccaDunedin, FLOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Cazel, Lori AnnRockton, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Moore, Ezra JamesChamberlain, SDAuroraOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Moran, AmandaEden Prairie, MNOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Webb, MackenzieAurora, ILKaneNortheastProvisional4
Pape, Anne CatherineChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Dubin, NickiMount Prospect, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Walsh, James PatrickSt. Louis, MOSt. Louis CityOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Morris, JamieValley Center, KSOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Krenz, DanielleLyons, COLarimerOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Breeden, Bethel AutumnRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Diley, Brenda AGreenbrier, ARFaulknerOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Griffin, RachealElgin, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Nelson, MelindaNorth Barrington, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Anderson, SheliaSaint Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Pippin-mandley, ShannonLoveland, COLarimerOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Morrison, Mark AlanColumbia, MDOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Dietrich, Dionne GraceWoodridge, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Hall, KacieHillside, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Healy, Mary ColleenWinter Park, FLSeminoleOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Tatum, ThomasLealman, FLPinellasOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Bean, Althea JSchaumburg, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Moyer, Jennifer LynnaAcworth, GACobbOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Grace, KristinEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Ploederl, Amanda MichellePhoenix, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Cechini, CourtneyAurora, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Plummer, Rebecca ElizabethLacon, ILMarshallNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Rear, TheresaChampaign, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Master1
Kramer, HeatherJerseyville, ILJerseyWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Kaden, Patti ShoreNaperville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Taccona, RitaRoselle, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Williams-finley, BarbaraSouth Holland, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Bernal, Juan AAustin, TXWilliamsonOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Mccue, Jill MichelleBartlett, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Schatz, JodyHighland Park, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Mroczka, RachelChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Keating, ColleenSharon, WIOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Murdock, AndreaWest Chicago, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Coughlin, RobinHoffman Estates, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Bevell, JenniferSt. Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Powell, Marie MSaint Charles, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Snead, KarenSaint Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Aguilar, KarenGlencoe, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Murillo, SamanthaChicago, IL5
Murry, JacintaBirmingham, ALJeffersonOut of StateProvisional4
Harris, Jeffrey MarkDanville, KYBoyleOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Ebersohl, LauraHerrin, ILWilliamsonSouthernGeneral - Advanced2
Neff, Joy Amanda HartMinneapolis, MNHennepinOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Norris, Merian JanelleJohnston City, ILWilliamsonSouthernGeneral - Master1
Betzler, Daniel JosephBallwin, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Nevarez, FrankHouston, TXOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Bowman, CarmenChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Nicholls, JenniferChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Jamrozik, DianaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Nielsen, AngelinaWoodstock, GAWorthOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Vanvliet, DeniseSycamore, ILDekalbNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Zimmermann, CarlyEvansville, INVanderburghOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Trull, AngelaSugar Grove, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Ames, ShanaMorton, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Wright, Tristan MichaelChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Obregon, Cathy AnnGrand Forks, NDOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Hudgens, Jennifer JTucson, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kreft, Jeannette MariePoplar Grove, ILBooneNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Byrne, LisaVilla Park, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Taylor, Candance ASt. Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Wehking, ShirleySaint Charles, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Schilling, AmyRichmond, KYMadisonOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Buchholz, Leslie AnneMaple Grove, MNHennepinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Ogrady, MaureenChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Samoore, Christine MarieSpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Noel, NathanChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Charlton, Becky LElgin, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Odoyle, Sasha RIndianapolis, INMarionOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Naylor, JeromeWarrenville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Robinson, D'lisa MarieChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Munyaradzi, RazondaMadera, CAMaderaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Seifert, Anna JarmilaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Thorpe, Diana LChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Rhyne, Becki LEdwardsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Bedessem, Gail TurneyPalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Rust, Ian ScottChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Williams, LynetteNorth Liberty, IAJohnsonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Dodd, Aimee ElizabethNoblesville, INHamiltonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Campana-baez, Amy SChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Paccione, JanelleDel Norte, CORio GrandeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Asche, KendraFlossmoor, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Park, LyndaEwa Beach, HIOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Sestak-smith, Catherine JRomeoville, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Baker, CamilleDolton, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Pederson, Lisa MarieEagan, MNOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Wujcik, Peter CChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Jackson, Kevin EChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Bixby, Susan IlideGeneva, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Perrucci, JackieSchaumburg, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Peters, CourtneyElkhorn, WIWalworthOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Steffy, KatrinaGurnee, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Behenna, AndreaBloomingdale, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Tucker, Elizabeth RoseMonroe, MIMonroeOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Mark, Becky SWayne, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Evans, Brandi MachelleBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Miller, ElizabethTinley Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Biciunas, TramonChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Phelps, Christine MichelleSaint Louis, MOSt. Louis CityOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Baugh, Jennifer LCrown Point, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Engdale, JenniferShiloh, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Dieter, Sandra DianeMason, MIInghamOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Koss, BonnieHighland Park, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Russo, Robert SChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Nosewicz, SamanthaGeneva, ILKaneNortheastProvisional4
Ruthe, Dawn LSun Prairie, WIOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Marrier, JustinMokena, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Gimmy, LauraMarion, ILWilliamsonSouthernGeneral - Advanced2
Jacobson, DainaWadsworth, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Salley, Alyssa MaePoulsbo, WAKitsapOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Pinkston, AngeliqueMonroe, OHButlerOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Turner, Emily RChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Pironti, LouannAnchorage, AKOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Cornett, A ChantelleBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Alexander, Jacob TOklahoma City, OKOklahomaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Raul Garcia, Mateo RaulToledo, OHLucasOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Grass, Melissa LynnSaint Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Simonsen, CodyTinley Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Hagie, Wendy RaeSugar Grove, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Twarowski, LaurieLake Villa, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Stanton Kirincic, Donna MariePunta Gorda, FLCharlotteOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Pironti, Louann TheresaAnchorage, AKAnchorageOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Vriezen, Belen Jean Lilley TrujilloSaint Paul, MNRamseyOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Janssen, Karen ALombard, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Williams, Anna CSt. Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Potts, Deborah AElgin, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Papesch, KristaHawthorn Woods, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Rich, Alicia NicoleO'fallon, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Todd, NikkiMinooka, ILGrundyNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Quinn, Heather NicoleDenver, COOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
White, Richard LeeHilliard, OHFranklinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Co, TrinetteElgin, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Snyder, Kayla MHighland, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Kelly, Ann MChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Dixon-kolar, Amy MFox River Grove, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Master1
Malcomson, Angela MarieNorth Riverside, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Jones, Mj LorenzaHanover, MDAnne ArundelOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Rangel, Jazzy SueSchaumburg, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Riley, AndreaLake Villa, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Espy, NeiveChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Falter, ChristinaJerseyville, ILJerseyWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Duffing, Tracy MarieElburn, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Baker, JillOklahoma City, OKOklahomaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Reese-wesseln, GinaCherry Valley, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Estell, Ronda AnnChatham, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Reid, Joan TEvanston, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Riggs, Angela JaneElk, WAPend OreilleOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Robinson, BrennaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Ralph, Randi JillVernon Hills, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Gordillo, Emily Catherine-broughanSaint Johns, MIClintonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Thompson, MeganChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Hanson, Heidi JoyRichfield, MNHennepinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Roldan-hoppes, JenniferTucson, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Stranberg, Renee ElaineWhite Heath, ILPiattEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Bombard, Rebecca LouiseMontgomery, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Farnon, Andrew MNaperville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Bojorquez, ChasityPhoenix, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Foster, CoriDavison, MIGeneseeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Schroeder, ErinCoal Valley, IL - Advanced2
Osborn, TriciaHoffman Estates, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Meininger, CheyenneNew Lenox, ILWillNortheastProvisional4
Lansaw, Christine LGreenfield, ILGreeneWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Fabris, Madeline NicolePalos Hills, ILCookCookProvisional4
Kimber, Xane EMascoutah, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Albert, Michael SpencerChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Sperling, Gregg LWauwatosa, WIMilwaukeeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Harris, Mark RandolphCoeur D Alene, IDKootenaiOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kivland, Lisa MSchaumburg, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Mclaughlin, Susanne ReneeLake Villa, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Heimbuck, JoyPort Huron, MISt. ClairOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Budnik, Deborah NelsonHighland Park, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Vehrs, Autumn LaurelLake In The Hills, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Romero, Penny VChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Adams, MeganGranite City, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Huff, CatherineImperial, MOJeffersonOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Romes, SaraChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Orndorff, Cindy CiabottiCody, WYParkOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Myers, Laurel JeanDowners Grove, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Braucht, Laura LynnJoy, ILMercerNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Elliot, Donna KCreston, ILOgleNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Eubanks, SaraPoland, MEAndroscogginOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Hanson, Nehemiah PederHighlands Ranch, CODouglasOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Beccue, KaylaOtsego, MNWrightOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Sampson, Deborah LGlenview, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Votrian, AmandaOfallon, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Rosenthal, Ally KatherineGlenview, ILCookCookProvisional4
Serralta, Sarah MarieChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Shubat, Kimberly LRock Island, ILRock IslandNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Brown, Michelle LynnWaverly, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Hoskins, MadeleinePeoria, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Runyan, Julie MarieSaint Peters, MOSt. CharlesOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Russell, Jodi APhoenix, AZOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Horn, AngelaChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Buss, Elle VivianChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Bechtold, AngelicaGodfrey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Demonge, RachelOfallon, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Elmer, Tamatha AJanesville, WIRockOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Weigel, AmyPawleys Island, SCGeorgetownOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Sallings, Clint EElgin, SCKershawOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Yoder, MyronMiddlebury, INOut of State - Master1
Timmerman, Jennifer ElizabethMascoutah, IL - Advanced2
Santangelo, GiannaOrland Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Depover, Sarah AnnColona, ILHenryNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Satterlee, JuliusSanta Cruz, CASanta CruzOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Saylor, Vicky LynnAlton, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Padilla, MadelineOak Lawn, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Smith, Rick LValparaiso, INPorterOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Dreyer, StephanieLombard, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Cochran, Rhonda JaloiceOswego, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Karlin, Jared SAurora, IL - Intermediate3
Mcmahon, MadelineAlsip, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Marshall, Caden ZaneBerwyn, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Cook, DorrieBuffalo Grove, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Phelan, Julie AnnShorewood, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Adams, Heidi LynnGrand Rapids, MIKentOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Buehling, Charlotte JeanChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Schafli, Rebekah DFairbanks, AKOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Still, Robert AndrewGodfrey, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Klasen, MollyWarrenville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Preston, JustineEdwardsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Bailey, Faith JillianAurora, ILKaneNortheastProvisional4
Hensley, BethArcola, ILDouglasEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Curtiss, Kristal DawnRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Willig, Paula MMorris, ILGrundyNortheastGeneral - Master1
Moore, Karla LeeLerna, ILColesEast CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Schexnayder, Rayna BrianneCollinsville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Heintz, TamaraRomeoville, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Schlaefer, Bronwyn MarieChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Green, Joshua MasonChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Kiedrowski, BonitaBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Gilmore, BrittneyAtlanta, GAApplingOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Smith, Lottie JAnna, ILUnionSouthernGeneral - Master1
Donohoue, AmandaCincinnati, OHHamiltonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Berger, Kimberly EMurphysboro, ILJacksonSouthernGeneral - Advanced2
Raffoul, JodiBoynton Beach, FLPalm BeachOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Munder, Barbara BLake Bluff, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Gonzales, Kristy RoseFresno, CAFresnoOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Leverich, Stacey LPotomac, ILVermilionEast CentralGeneral - Master1
Wilson-irwin, Ann ChristineFowler, CAFresnoOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schletz, Nikki RaeWillowbrook, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Sanders, Susan EPeoria, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Anantha Joshi, Sharada JoshiCarol Stream, ILDupageNortheastProvisional4
Poindexter, Lynne MarieLeroy, ILMcleanEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Alvarado, Maureen MargaretArlington Heights, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Jordan, Mary LindaSaint Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Dravellas, Frances TiffanyPalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Schmidt, Kathryn RoseChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Duncan, Makeda KChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Morlan, BethanyRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Grandprey, AmandaManchester, NHHillsboroOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Washington, Vera DWestmont, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Reardon, Veronica-joInglis, FLLevyOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schmitt, Shelley LeaBatavia, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Douglass, AngelaGurnee, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Mcfadden, Patricia RachelleChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Schroeder, RobertaAlgonquin, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Perri, Jacqueline MicheleChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Crickenberger, Corey ArthurNorth Charleston, SCCharlestonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Ven Rooy, Gary LeeLoves Park, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Miller, Letisha MChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Fortier Shultz, BonnieChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
West, Heather LauraOakland, CAAlamedaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Fogel, JessicaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Sanders, Jaymie MDavenport, IAScottOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Wagner, LisaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Hart, Robyn DSt Petersburg, FLPinellasOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kanoff, Marla AnnPeoria, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Redfield, DanaPortland, ORMultnomahOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
James, Jessica LynnBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Mathews, Lori LynnTucson, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Fulling, TeresaBloomington, ILMcleanEast CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Turner, Catherine EEl Cerrito, CAContra CostaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schulze, DarciFowler, MIClintonOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Mongan, DeeLoves Park, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Henderson, Kaylyn AChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Cipra, Dana ElizabethRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Reber, LukeChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Jones, Emilyn ClarenDavenport, IAScottOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Dougherty, Renee CChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Tiberi, Dayna MichelleCaseyville, ILGeneral - Advanced2
Daniels, KarmonHouston, TXHarrisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Martinez, Maxine LouiseChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Rodriguez, Efrain EliasBrooklyn, NYKingsOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schwab, NicoleScottsdale, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Rico, Ruth EstefanyStickney, ILCookCookProvisional4
Landreneau, Caiti EllisKnoxville, TNKnoxOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Shein Stapleton, StacyArlington Heights, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Teaman, HavalahChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Prusak, JuneWillowbrook, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Krakowiak, KristinGilbert, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Rhodes, IsaacOcala, FLMarionOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Mitchell, Kristina AshleyRound Lake Park, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Mockus, MonicaLombard, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Scott, DebraLombard, ILDupageNortheastProvisional4
Wohlmuth, AnnChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Brandwein, Donna ReiterLincolnshire, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Woltman, Hannah MarieOswego, ILKendallNortheastProvisional4
Nash, CarissaMinneapolis, MNHennepinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Maund, TamiMooresville, NCIredellOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Newton, SonjaRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Self, Jimmy VelencySouth Roxana, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Sutton, Chance JordanChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Shatney, SusanHaddam Neck, CTNew HavenOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Schell, Nicholas PSpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Clemens, Stephanie PaysonSaint Ann, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Saunders, Delynn AprilLake Villa, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Master1
Sendejo, Audrey AnnNorthlake, TXDentonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Grant, ChristinaNew Richmond, WISt. CroixOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Koehler, HollyBartlett, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Izenstark, Dale ASaint Charles, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Ritter, MargaretMinneapolis, MNHennepinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Ledezma, ErikaStreamwood, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Kocsis, Mary ESaint Charles, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Priscu, Rachel MMaryland Heights, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Ponticelli, Ermelinda EArlington Heights, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Meyer, Gina MarieWest Dundee, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Becker, JillianNaperville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Davis-dondle, EpiphanyRock Island, ILRock IslandNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Simpson, Latisha AEdwardsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Marsh, Trenton DBluffdale, UTSalt LakeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Enders, JuneRochelle, ILOgleNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Frenzel, CarmelaMonee, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Kruk, Rachel KatherineMonee, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Sparks, Leia AnneMilwaukee, WIMilwaukeeOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Mahaney, Natalie ElizabethRoscoe, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Raci, Alan JDowners Grove, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Cicci, Lisa APlano, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Berman, MarceyChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Sevcech, Evryn AsterChicago, IL5
Silvern, Cathy LSkokie, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Parks, Jessica JordanChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Sisk, Victoria ElizabethHomer Glen, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Garrett, JoshuaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Walker, Pamela JeanHerrin, ILWilliamsonSouthernGeneral - Master1
Skinner, HeidiCitrus Heights, CAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Green, Linda AnnBerkeley, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Edwards-smith, DesireeSchaumburg, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Stumpf, ErinColumbia, ILMonroeWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Snead, Doyle GeneSaint Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Martin, JoyLaredo, TXWebbOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Hohlt, Nicole MarieLake Bluff, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Smart, Steven RWaukesha, WIWaukeshaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Souhrada, KimberlyLeclaire, IAScottOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Carter, Angie MelindaCanton, NCHaywoodOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Smith, Donovan JoshuaMarshall, WIOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Arthur, Sheri CaruthersOcala, FLAlachuaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Priest, Lisa ElaineSaint Louis, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Smith, TamiVancouver, WAWashingtonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Sollecito, JennyKenilworth, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Souhrada, Rachael KLeclaire, IAIowaOut of StateProvisional4
Nelson, Brandi ReyneBurton, MIGeneseeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Sprouse, Kathryn ElizabethLas Vegas, NVClarkOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Fros, JanetUrbana, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Erwin, Patty LCarbondale, ILJacksonSouthernGeneral - Advanced2
Schroeder, MichelleCarol Stream, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Stimpson, Aubrey RoseSherman Oaks, CAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Plascencia, Janesis EthinaHenderson, NVClarkOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Satterfield, RebekahMercersburg, PAFranklinOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Stock, AubreyGrayslake, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Bily, LindaAurora, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Mccabe, AnneGeneva, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Doyle, Amanda JeanTinley Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Robin, CassieJoliet, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Haizman, Alexander MaeNaperville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Hague, AllysonDekalb, ILDekalbNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Stojani, Lisa LynnBonne Terre, MOOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Moss, Samantha JoStrasburg, OHTuscarawasOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Devine, Kathy JBradley, ILDe WittGeneral - Advanced2
Stokesberry, GinaCrestview, FLOkaloosaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Mercier, DominiqueMunster, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Markgraf, JulieChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Felix, Christina CharleneOro Valley, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Boon, StacyRochester, NYMonroeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Sullivan, Jennifer MarieClinton, WIRockOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Dunn, Maureen MargaretChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Costello, Colleen MarieGlen Carbon, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Habegger, Cali RMorton, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Olejnik, HeidiPeoria, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Maulding, Jennifer AnnNaperville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Rainville, Amy ElizabethWheaton, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Fiacchino, Marijo BLa Grange Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Sviatko, Lara EllenLake Zurich, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Helm, Tammy LynnPekin, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Payne, LaurenChicago Heights, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Estanislao, Kristen EBartlett, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Englund, DanVilla Park, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Talo, JoshuaChicago, ILCookCook5
Durand, JesseSt Augustine, FLSt. JohnsOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Reed, ValeriePalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Teslow, Rebecca MinnetteBuckeye, AZOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Coburn, CassieNaperville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Thompson, Jennifer JoanSaint Paul, MNOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Thuesen, RandyLumberton, TXHardinOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Sato, JustinChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Kramerkohut, Pam BBerwyn, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Allen, Jenna LeaJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Antosch, Sheila MarieRockford, ILWinnebagoNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Miller, Amy GailGlen Carbon, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Potempa, ElyseChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Titsworth, Gayla JoHarrisburg, ILSalineSouthernGeneral - Advanced2
Richardson, Rebekah ElizabethKansas City, MOClayOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Lewis, GinnaLoudon, TNLoudonOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Batten, KathyDavenport, IAScottOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Mathews, WalterChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Rueb, Julie APlainfield, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Kiss, NoelleOswego, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Thomas, Samuel JohnLindenhurst, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Walsh, Clarence JamesChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Jones, Hannah MarieAlton, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Ray, BrendaLansing, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Clark, Lynn MillerDowners Grove, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Perez, Laura RobinsonWhite Bear Lake, MNRamseyOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Kennedy, Kara AnnLa Grange, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Mcguinn, CarolLa Grange Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Ruddy, Kerri LynHampshire, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Grider-peebels, Kathleen ROfallon, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Minaeri, Mindy LynneJoliet, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Valiska, KathleenPeotone, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Master1
Waldeck, LaurieLagrange, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Waltz, KatieEast Peoria, ILTazewellNorthwestGeneral - Advanced2
Thomas, ChristyAlpena, MIAlpenaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Porter, Jennifer AnnChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Woelbling, Heidi MichelleChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Fry, Kevin VirgilDarien, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Ward, AlvennaChicago, ILCookCookProvisional4
Bruington, Jill DarleneJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Tran, Malinda CheapChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Theodozio, SuzanneHobart, INLakeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Treger, Elisabeth EChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Bluml, Madison PatriciaYorkville, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Tucker, Scott MichaelMonroe, MIMonroeOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Coder, Lisa PechtlMundelein, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Hall, Misty LAuburn, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Holter, Stephen SMaricopa, AZPinalOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Tucker, Catherine AnnSaint Louis, MOOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Varner, Melissa JoChandler, AZMaricopaOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Waggener, Melissa RaeStaunton, ILMacoupinWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Pursley, Rebecca CSaint Louis, MOSt. Louis CityOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Hozinsky, RivkaChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
O'neill, Amy ElizabethBelleville, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Moore, AmandaUtica, ILLasalleNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Venditti, AmyBarrington, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Lagona, JessicaEdwardsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Lee, William EChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Walden, SueSouth Jacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Lindner, Genevieve JimenezSaint Peters, MOSt. CharlesOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Goebeler, Kristen ElizabethLibertyville, ILLakeNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Melton, Jenny LynnDekalb, ILDekalbNorthwestGeneral - Intermediate3
Snerling, BalbinaJoliet, ILKendallNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Warren, Jacob AnthonySacramento, CAOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Herrera, GloriaWestchester, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Crotty, Johannah MariePembina, NDPembinaOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Webb, Norma LEwing, ILFranklinSouthernGeneral - Intermediate3
Khosro, Vicki LynneChampaign, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Good-deal, Christine MichelleJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Ebersold, SherylNaperville, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Mitchell, Rusty MuseTucson, AZPimaOut of StateGeneral - Intermediate3
Welch, Jeannette OcampoSomerville, MAMiddlesexOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Clarke, ElizabethElmwood, ILPeoriaNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Motyka, Mark MMidlothian, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Mcelroy, JenniferChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Moose, CherylSouth Elgin, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Master1
Welly, AmandaWashington, DCNone AvailableOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Mullis, Carol AnnSycamore, ILDekalbNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Whiteside, FrancesCrossville, TNCumberlandOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Oldfield, Kelly KMillstadt, ILSt. ClairWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Whitman, KimColorado Springs, COOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Schleicher, JillianSedona, AZYavapaiOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Wilde, Joy STaos, NMOut Of StateOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Pate, Cori LJacksonville, ILMorganWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Welch, LukeRochelle, ILOgleNorthwestGeneral - Master1
Paul, HeidiOrland Park, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Windhurst, Amy LynnLouisville, KYJeffersonOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Kessler, BariNaperville, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3
Devore, Nicole MSappington, MOSt. LouisOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Jacobs, Darrell LeeSt. Louis, MOOut of StateGeneral - Master1
Kessler, AlexChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Flores-rodriguez, Melva EChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Nelson, JaninePalatine, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Witz, AntoinetteElk Grove Village, ILCookCookGeneral - Advanced2
Lagona, Stephanie LEdwardsville, ILMadisonWest CentralGeneral - Master1
Berres, Laura JaneSaint Charles, ILKaneNortheastGeneral - Advanced2
Hedding, TeriPalos Hills, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Engstrom-kestel, Shelley MariePeotone, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Master1
Cyntha Spann, Cynthia LeighCocoa Beach, FLBrevardOut of StateGeneral - Advanced2
Nakamura, Umiko GraceChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Intermediate3
Wolfe, Bear-barry ChristopherDekalb, ILDekalbNorthwestProvisional4
Young, Shannon MarieSpringfield, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Armenta, AlishaPleasant Plains, ILSangamonWest CentralGeneral - Advanced2
Cassell, Lynne MarieWheaton, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Zalewski, Bridget AOswego, ILKendallNortheastProvisional4
Malone, TreneeChicago, ILCookCookGeneral - Master1
Zenkus, Kristine MLake In The Hills, ILMchenryNortheastGeneral - Master1
Speakman, Carrie JoDowners Grove, ILDupageNortheastGeneral - Master1
Swift, Jani SwiftUrbana, ILChampaignEast CentralGeneral - Intermediate3
Hill Gotlund, Mailyn HuongHomer Glen, ILWillNortheastGeneral - Intermediate3