​The Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission is distributing a free pack of 5 clear face shields to anyone who is a resident of Illinois.  The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) provided the face shields to IDHHC for distribution.   IDHHC requested IEMA to assist with providing Illinois residents personal protective equipment, which would help reduce communication barriers this COVID-19 pandemic.

IDHHC distribution of the face shields should not be taken as an endorsement of a face shields effectiveness in reducing the spread or prevention of COVID-19.  Each individual must decide which form of personal protection equipment (PPE) is best suited for their individual needs. 

Please note:  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend the use of face shields for normal everyday activities or as a substitute for cloth face coverings. Some people may choose to use a face shield when sustained close contact with other people is expected. 

Individuals should continue to take all preventive measures such as still maintain social distancing, frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizers, and face coverings.  More information and resources can be found on IDHHC COVID-19 web page.

Due to an overwhelming response to the face shields, IDHHC is unable to continue taking requests. Currently, IDHHC has received over 26,000 registrations. This far exceeds IDHHC's current availability of face shields. As a result, IDHHC will be limiting mailing to one request per household. Requests will be filled in the order they were received until the supply of face shields has been exhausted. All remaining registrations already received will be put on a waitlist to see if more face shields and mailing supplies can be obtained. IDHHC is not accepting any new registrations.

The Central Management Services has recommended all state agencies to employ state employees remotely to the greatest extent possible in adherence to the Illinois Governor’s November 20, 2020 Tier 3 Mitigations currently in effect. As a result, the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission has suspended shipping the clear face shields until further notice.

Once IDHHC has returned to the office under the Illinois Department of Public Health’s recommended health and safety guidelines, IDHHC will resume shipping the clear face shields to registered individuals.

IDHHC appreciates your patience during unprecedented times.