COVID-19 Updates

The Department of Juvenile Justice is working around the clock to ensure that staff and youth are safe and healthy.

We are working closely with the Governor's Office, Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Public Health to focus on prevention and planning in response to COVID-19. We will continue updating and aligning our emergency response protocols to protect the health and safety of our youth and staff.  Employees will be notified immediately by management of any changes in work status or emergency response protocols.

The Department is also in close communication with AFSCME Council 31 leadership who is advocating for additional measures to ensure we continue to function as safely as possible for youth and staff, including remote work and schedule flexibility. The Department agrees and is actively working on additional measures, in consultation with Illinois Department of Public Health, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Department of Innovation and Technology, and in collaboration with AFSCME.


​IYC FacilityConfirmed COVID-19 Cases*
Pere Marquette​4​49
​St. Charles​21​125

 *as of May 10, 2022.


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For more information on how you can help DJJ during this public health crisis, please contact Omar B. Jamil, Senior Policy Advisor, at