Illinois Youth Center - Harrisburg

Facility Data

Harrisburg IYC Facility Building

Illinois Youth Center Harrisburg

Opened:  July 1983
Capacity:  332
Level 2 Medium Juvenile Male
Average Daily Population:  126
Average Age:  17


Jeremy Burtis


NOTE: Please review IDJJ Visitation Rules and Information before visiting.

On the first visit to any Illinois Youth Center, the visitors will be required to have a photo identification, such as a driver's license, a state identification card, or acceptable documentation of non-US citizen including a current passport, Visa, or Matricula, and documentation that includes their social security numbers if US citizens, and date of birth.

Please have two forms of identification; one should be a photo ID for additional visits.

Monday thru Friday (with prior approval)
9:00am - 5:00pm (weekends & holidays)

Facility Address

Business Mail:
1201 W. Poplar
Harrisburg, IL  62946

Youth Mail:
1201 W. Poplar
Harrisburg, IL  62946


Facility Information

IYC-Harrisburg serves as one of the secure medium-security Level 2 facilities for the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice currently housing an average daily population of 190 male offenders. IYC-Harrisburg provides a broad range of services to youth incarcerated at the facility. These services include remedial and secondary education, a GED program, library services, vocational training, guidance and work training programs. Substance abuse treatment, diagnostic, evaluative services, special education programs and various mental health programs are also provided.