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  2. Article number 2 - IDOC Addresses Stateville Water Concerns
  3. Article number 3 - Commissary Shortages FAQ
  4. Article number 4 - IDOC is Hiring Correctional Officers!
  5. Article number 5 - Corrections Connections – November 2021
  •  Donation Protocol

    Donation Protocol

    IDOC is deeply grateful for the generous outpouring of support during the pandemic. Please note the Department cannot and does not solicit donations. Before a donation can be accepted, the correctional facility must be provided the following information: what is being donated, the fair market value of the item(s), the number of individuals who will benefit from the item(s), the date the donations will be delivered, and the name of the donor. Once this information is received, the Department will assess whether the donation meets our guidelines and will provide you with a determination on whether the donation(s) will be approved. Please do not send donations prior to receiving this approval.
  •  IDOC Addresses Stateville Water Concerns

    IDOC Addresses Stateville Water Concerns

    In response to an initial water test showing elevated levels of lead and copper in just a few nonresidential areas, IDOC placed filters on all impacted faucets. While no water serving our residents showed elevated levels, IDOC did offer purified drinking water to all individuals in custody. Subsequent water tests found reduced levels from the initial tests on the nonresidential areas, suggesting that the original testing protocol, which involved intensive flushing of the water lines, might have caused increased readings. Additional testing will occur in the future as required by our existing protocols. Out of an abundance of caution, IDOC is leaving the filters in place on the limited nonresidential areas that had increased levels, and is continuing to provide purified water as we conduct additional tests and monitoring.
  •  Commissary Shortages FAQ

    Commissary Shortages FAQ

    Due to global supply chain issues, commissary items such as batteries, detergent, and aftershave are becoming increasingly difficult to procure. The Department is doing everything within its power to resolve this issue. During the week of November 21, 2021, each individual in custody received a bag of food and hygiene items.
  •  IDOC is Hiring Correctional Officers!

    IDOC is Hiring Correctional Officers!

    The Illinois Department of Corrections is a multicultural agency deeply committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion. This commitment is at the forefront of our operations, hiring, policies and procedures, and training. Click the image to apply!
  •  Corrections Connections – November 2021

    Corrections Connections – November 2021

    Corrections Connections is a monthly newsletter highlighting the latest happenings at the Illinois Department of Corrections.

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