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  1. Article number 1 - Attention all Visitors, Vendors
  2. Article number 2 - Donation Protocol
  3. Article number 3 - Constituent Services/Family Liaison
  4. Article number 4 - IDOC Policies and Directives Available to Public
  5. Article number 5 - IDOC is Hiring Correctional Officers!
  •  Attention all Visitors, Vendors and Volunteers

    Attention all Visitors, Vendors

    There are important updates to the IDOC visitation requirements. Starting on January 31st, visitors, vendors who are over the age of 5 must be vaccinated in order to visit an IDOC facility. Please click here for detailed instructions regarding the process that you will need to complete in order to visit. If you have questions and or concerns, please reach out to constituent services at (217) 558-2200 x 6226.

    Submit Proof of Vaccination HERE

  •  Donation Protocol

    Donation Protocol

    IDOC is deeply grateful for the generous outpouring of support during the pandemic. Please note the Department cannot and does not solicit donations. Before a donation can be accepted, the correctional facility must be provided the following information: what is being donated, the fair market value of the item(s), the number of individuals who will benefit from the item(s), the date the donations will be delivered, and the name of the donor. Once this information is received, the Department will assess whether the donation meets our guidelines and will provide you with a determination on whether the donation(s) will be approved. Please do not send donations prior to receiving this approval.
  •  Constituent Services/Family Liaison

    Constituent Services/Family Liaison

    The Office of Constituent Services is a bridge between IDOC and the community at large, providing timely information to address legitimate concerns regarding conditions of confinement. The office aims to build community relationships, enhance public awareness, and promote positive change. The Family Liaison is part of the Constituent Services Office and is available to all families and friends with loved ones in IDOC custody as a second line of communication to address needs, questions, and concerns. Please note the office handles a large volume of work daily. Our staff makes every effort to address each question or complaint in an efficient and timely manner.
  •  IDOC Policies and Directives Available to Public

    IDOC Policies and Directives Available to Public

    IDOC is pleased to announce that the Department’s Policies and Directives are now available to the public on the IDOC website. IDOC’s commitment to transparency and accountability to those we serve is paramount. Please click here to access our policies and directives.
  •  IDOC is Hiring Correctional Officers!

    IDOC is Hiring Correctional Officers!

    The Illinois Department of Corrections is a multicultural agency deeply committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion. This commitment is at the forefront of our operations, hiring, policies and procedures, and training. Click the image to apply!