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Chief Information Officer 

Chief Information Officer - Steven A. Matthews

Steven A. Matthews | Chief Information Officer

Steven A. Matthews was named chief information officer (CIO) for the Illinois Department of Corrections on February 1, 2012. As CIO, his responsibilities include oversight of the Illinois Department of Corrections information technology as it relates to IT strategy, policy, support and operations.

Matthews has more than 21 years’ experience with both the private and public sector and is skilled in defining organizational structure and resource requirements of an information technology organization. During his career, he has developed broad experience and visible achievement in emerging technologies, building teams, executive management, IT support solutions, strategic business partnerships and leading projects. His IT experience includes education, federal, legal, retail, telecommunications, utility and insurance industries.

Matthews’ background includes creating and deploying technology based solutions that take into account business needs across several functions or departments, while evaluating the relative business impact of competing business cases, priorities and articulating processes for managing risk, scope, communication and quality.

Matthews is an accomplished presenter and effective communicator with numerous enterprise solutions. His strengths include collaborating and communicating with executive leadership, partners and clients to identify needs and manage expectations. His expertise includes IT infrastructure and support services, Virtualization, ERP, CRM, Billing Information Systems, Advanced Technology Solutions, and Technology Roadmap development and the ability to deliver operational enhancements through technology.

Matthews majored in electrical engineering at Southern Illinois University.