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Office of Performance Based Standards


Jason Hall | Manager

Scope of Operations

The agency ensures effective management by utilizing a statewide Performance Based Review team to systematically review all standards and activities of the Illinois Department of Corrections for the purpose of:

  • Analyzing compliance with existing laws, department rules, regulations, directives, standards, or policies,
  • Identifying local, systemic, and ongoing deficiencies,
  • Assessing efficiency and effectiveness in utilization of resources,
  • Determining whether desired results are being achieved,
  • Providing detailed consultation to assist with implementation of effective corrective action, and
  • Promoting greater administrative, operational, and program efficiency and effectiveness.

The office establishes an annual fiscal year review schedule and manages internal and external compliance procedures which entails conducting fair, thorough, and consistent reviews. Correctional facilities and adult transition centers are required to conduct internal facility reviews on a monthly basis and this process is coordinated by the Facility Review Control Officer.​​​​

The statewide review team, which consists of trained staff from various areas including but not limited to security, administration, clinical, health care, and mental health, conducts an external review of all facilities on an annual basis. Policies selected for external review are chosen based on deficiencies identified in previous fiscal years, facility characteristics, and administrative and operational concerns. Areas of deficiency are noted and facilities are required to submit corrective actions plans. Compliance data is compiled, further analyzed, and used to write and revise department policy.

The office also ensures that the corrective action plans are implemented and provides training for Facility Review Control Officers regarding the review process, as well as general understanding and knowledge of department rules, regulations, and policies.​​​​