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Chief Public Safety Officer

​​​​​Nikki Robinson​ | Chief Public Safety Officer

Nikki Robinson has been serving in the capacity of the Chief Public Safety Officer since March of 2018. She was re-appointed on August 1, 2019 to oversee the newly created Prisons Division. The Prisons Division now encompasses the Division of Programs, Division of Operations, Transfer Coordinator Office and Inmate Records while overseeing the Agency’s Staff Development and Training Academy. Chief Robinson will assist with the Director’s initiatives regarding the Crime Reduction Act, Statewide Recidivism Reduction, and the implementation of best correctional practices for staff while maintaining oversight of the Earned Discretionary Supplemental Credit Program.

Chief Robinson previously served as IDOC’s Northern Deputy Director of Operations since May 16, 2016. In this position, she oversaw the operations of all Adult Correctional and Transitional (Work Release) Centers within the Northern Region of Illinois, including the largest Northern Reception and Classification Center in the state.

A veteran employee of IDOC, Chief Robinson began her career as a Correctional Officer in the early 1990’s at Stateville Correctional Center. In 1997, she became a Youth Supervisor II at Illinois Youth Center-Joliet, supervising male youths in a maximum-security facility. She later promoted to Resident Counselor at Westside Adult Transitional Center and oversaw men and women who were transitioning from prison back into their community by way of work release. In 1998, she promoted to a Pre-Start Agent in the Division of Adult Field Services and managed a caseload of men and women on parole in the community. She later transitioned to Senior Parole Agent within the Special Intensive Supervision Unit, overseeing high-profile men and women who required Intensive Parole Supervision.

In 2005, Chief Robinson was promoted to the first Parole Supervisor position of the Sex Offender Unit in the northern region. In this position, she was tasked with the establishment and implementation of the specialized unit to enhance supervision of parolees convicted of sex offenses. After several years in this position, she promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Programs at Illinois Youth Center-Chicago within the newly formed Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. In 2009, she transitioned back to IDOC to Fox Valley Adult Transitional Center in dual capacities-- as an Assistant Center Supervisor and Chief of Security of the all-women facility.

In 2012, she was named Assistant Warden of Programs at Sheridan Correctional Center, the state’s largest therapeutic facility committed to substance abuse treatment for incarcerated men and one of the largest substance abuse treatment programs in the nation. In this capacity, she was responsible for complete oversight of programming. She later became Assistant Warden of Programs at the Northern Reception and Classification Center at Stateville Correctional Center, which functions as IDOC’s major adult male intake and processing unit. Subsequently, she was appointed Warden of Sheridan Correctional Center.

Prior to starting her career with IDOC, Chief Robinson worked for the State of Kentucky Department of Corrections. She has Degrees from Kentucky State University, Governor’s State University, and John Marshall Law School.