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Office of Constituent Services

Terrence Hill | Community Outreach Administrator

The Office of Constituent Services serves as a bridge between the Illinois Department of Corrections and the community at large by providing information to address legitimate concerns regarding conditions of confinement and the distribution of timely information.  The Office serves to build community relationships and enhance public awareness, while promoting positive change.

The Office supports the Department's interaction with the public by improving its communication with inmate families, advocacy groups and other concerned citizens; monitors orientation programs for inmates' immediate family members; provides timely and reliable information as permitted by law regarding individual offenders and Department activities and outcomes; tours prison facilities and interacts with the offender population.

The Office also serves as a spokesperson for the Agency to ensure the basic rights of committed persons; provides information regarding the Department's vision and mission and current policies, procedures and programs; solicits the public's input and facilitates communication within the Department and with other groups as appropriate; meets with community leaders and attends public meetings to discuss issues and concerns; and speaks for the Department in resolving problems to effectively restore community confidence in the Agency.

The Illinois Department of Corrections is on a mission to improve outcomes for the men and women who are released from its custody. The department holds multiple Summits of Hope across the state, each year, aimed at giving ex-offenders the resources that improve their odds of success once they return to the community. The summits are hosted by IDOC’s Office of Constituent Services and Parole Division and the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Summit of Hope events, which have been held since 2010, serve as a cornerstone in helping parolees with much needed resources so they can move forward and lead productive, law-abiding lives. The events provide a community expo of services to supply parolees with tools they need to successfully reintegrate back into the community. During each event, a volunteer guides parolees through a maze of services and exhibits. Parolees can receive State IDs and health screenings as well as information on how to secure housing, food, clothing, job training and listings, a bank account, child support services and assistance programs for utilities, transportation and veterans. Summit of Health events are also being held that have a specialized focus in mental health, physical health, substance abuse and anger management.

Contact Information: 217-558-2200 ext. 2069​​​​